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Best Big Data Books to Read in 2018

If you want to improve your big data knowledge, then this article will give you an overview over some of the best big data books that can bring more light… Continue Reading

What is Big Data? - Infographic

The BIG in big data stands for doing things big, but also about doing big things. Our brains are very good at spotting patterns, di­fferences, and… Continue Reading

Why Move to a Bare-Metal Cloud Infrastructure

In the 1960s computers were expensive, and not easily affordable even by companies. The concept of multitenancy started with time-sharing, which allowed… Continue Reading

The Benefits of Being a Data-Driven Company

Data-driven companies are 23 times more likely to find new customers. As with previous technological advances, not embracing it in time is a risk - the… Continue Reading

Intel CPU Flaws & Bare Metal - Is Single Tenancy the Answer?

As many of you may have found out, two huge security vulnerabilities in Intel CPUs were found by security researchers. They were dubbed Meltdown and Spectre,… Continue Reading

Smooth Run of Operations for Our Retailer Customers on Black Friday

Black Friday is the hottest day of the year for any retailer. Traffic and demand increases exponentially, and peaks in traffic are as high as you can… Continue Reading

Six Reasons Why Bigstep’s Bare Metal Cloud Is the Better Choice

Deciding to move the data and data-driven projects of an entire organization into the cloud might feel like a leap of faith, but we have come to know… Continue Reading

Big Data and the Long Tail

The Pareto Rule has yielded the floor to The Long Tail of Big Data.Big data has emerged as the latest and greatest of tools for marketers seeking to leverage… Continue Reading

Drowning in Data? Machine Learning Can Navigate the IoT

Will machine learning tame big data?The promise of big data is that it can be leveraged for big solutions across any industry. But Internet-connected… Continue Reading

When Data "Goes Dark"

What data is housed in the paper lying around your office? Paper documents, photos, video, or other corporate holdings are the next incremental step in… Continue Reading

Using Big Data to Create Big Change: How Nonprofits Can Leverage Data

Non-profits need big data to be more effective.From the financial to the pharmaceutical, industries are leveraging big data to make a bigger impact. But… Continue Reading

Hadoop in 2017: Bigger, Better, Faster?

Hadoop will stand strong in 2017.Hadoop not only lives in the big data cloud, it embodies the big data cloud. Owned by Apache, Hadoop turns 11 years old… Continue Reading

Big-Data-As-A-Service (BDaaS): Sparking the Next Big Data Evolution

BDaaS allows enterprise organizations to simplify deployment in the cloud.2017 may finally be the year for Big Data as a Service (BDaaS). Businesses have… Continue Reading

Without Data Visualization, Big Data is Just a Big Mess

Sometimes you have to see it to believe it. In the world of big data, sometimes you have to see it to understand it. True data insight comes from turning… Continue Reading

New Social Network Popular Among Consumers Wary of Big Data

People just want to be seen and heard. That's the human inclination that Facebook so brilliantly capitalized upon. But while you've been busy finding… Continue Reading

Ireland Ripe for Big Investments in Big Data

Investors are eyeing Ireland's promise as a big data hubPass me another Guinness and let me tell you a story of Ireland. Out of the lushly greening carpet… Continue Reading

How Big Data is Making Itself Essential to Insurance Companies

Big data puts a whole new spin on insurance analyticsInsurance companies have been collecting data on their clients for years. Actuarial accountants use… Continue Reading

Could Big Data Spell the End of Animal Testing in Biomedical Research?

Is there an alternative to invasive animal testing?The use of animals in biomedical, cosmetic, and military research affects 100 million dogs, cats, rabbits,… Continue Reading

Big Data Reveals New Pools of Untapped Luxury Buyers for Marketers to Target

Emerging markets represent a significant financial boon for many industries.Capitalizing on new and emerging markets for product sales could be the next… Continue Reading

How Big Data Could Pave the Way for Millennials to Get a Credit Score Without Having Credit

Many Millennials were just kids when the American economy went belly up in the 90s. The blowback after the housing market crash changed the established… Continue Reading

New Study Shows Cloud Computing Enables 92% of Big Data & the IoT

Cisco just released their service provider forecast predicting some potentially controversial benchmarks for 2020:--92% of big data traffic will be cloud-based.--74%… Continue Reading

3 Things You Probably Won't Like About 2017

Experts are predicting jobs and tech spending is on the upswing.The New Year always brings personal resolutions. This optimism is spilling into the business… Continue Reading

Three Ways You're Getting It All Wrong With Big Data

What are the baseline best practices in big data analytics?Don't you hate it when some smart aleck tells you you're doing it wrong?In the case of big… Continue Reading

3 Questions to Guide You to Success in Digital Transformation

"Everything changes and nothing stands still." (Heraclitus)In today's big data app economy, nothing could be truer. From cloud to mobile, the data companies… Continue Reading

Securing Big Data is Like Dressing for Winter: Best Done in Layers

Once upon a time there was a company that put a Cisco firewall on their new, always-on Internet connection. With this move their security was in place,… Continue Reading

How Data Analytics & the IoT are Revolutionizing CityManagement

The idea of a municipality using Internet of Things (IoT) devices isn't new. Between red light cameras and smart meters on houses, government agencies… Continue Reading

How Do Your Data Analytics Priorities Stack Up with the Rest?

Data Analytics. Such a short phrase that can mean so much for your organization. Without a solid plan, data analytics will fall short of the hype and… Continue Reading

Do Data Pros Belong in the IT Department or Somewhere Else?

There's no arguing it, big data is here to stay. It's a long-standing management tidbit that you can't manage what you don't measure. Today's systems… Continue Reading

5 Tech Positions Slated for Pay Raises in 2017

Self-driving cars. Supermarkets ditching not only the cashiers, but the self-checkout stations too. It doesn't take long to find a story about job loss… Continue Reading

5 Big Data Products You Need to Toss Out with Your 'Happy 2017" Party Napkins

Over the course of the past few years, big data has evolved from an incomprehensible buzzword to a little-understood but powerful plaything to an essential… Continue Reading

4 Ways You're Going to Succeed with Big Data & Digital Transformation in 2017

Flexibility. Scalability. Agility.These are just a few of the many buzzwords making the rounds on the business and tech blogs to define what it means… Continue Reading

Speed Racers! Comparing the Zippiness of the Top Big Data Tools

Hadoop was the first real entry into the big data race, and though it got somewhat of a slow start, it has emerged as the winning big data infrastructure.… Continue Reading

Hocus Pocus: Is it Data Science, or Is It Magic?

Back in the mid-1990s, IBM built a machine called Deep Blue. Deep Blue awed the world in 1996 by beating the then world chess champ at his own game under… Continue Reading

Is Splice Machine a Viable Option for Your Hadoop SQL Database?

In the grand land of databases, you have the traditional RDBMS (here's lookin' at you, SQL) and an impressive lineup of the sexy, modern NoSQLs (say hey… Continue Reading

Close Enough to Perfect: Making the Case for Hadoop

Hadoop isn't perfect. In fact, it has some significant flaws, not the least of which is its security (though there have been steps recently to partially… Continue Reading

Search: The Big Data Secret That No One's Talking About

Sometimes, when a new technology is introduced, it takes off in unexpected ways. It's easy to get off track and lose focus of what the real intent and… Continue Reading

MongoDB: The Freaky Patchwork Quilt of the Database World

MongoDB is one of dozens of NoSQL databases that are gradually taking over for relational databases as big data enters the world of business. Relational… Continue Reading

Spark Structured Streaming in Practice

Bigstep Solution Architect Andrei Muraru @ the HUG UK & Big Data Analytics London MeetupHow does Spark Structured Streaming work with real-time big… Continue Reading

How WHO is Using Big Data to Figure Out How You're Gonna Die

Last year around the world, 50 million adults died. One-half of those deaths, or approximately 25 million, were the result of just ten diseases. What… Continue Reading

5 Useful Things to Know Before Choosing Between Hadoop & Spark

There's a lot of "Hadoop versus Spark" type articles and blog posts circulating in the tech journals, but inevitably it doesn't have to be a competition.… Continue Reading

What's Up with 'Virtual Data Rooms'? Exploring the Security Trend You'll be Hearing All About Next Year

Virtual data rooms (usually abbreviated to just VDR) are Web-based repositories of information used to store and distribute documents. VDRs are immensely… Continue Reading

4 Reasons to Get Started on Your Big Data Career Today

The industry of big data is expected to reach a market worth of $187 billion by the year 2019. Wouldn't you like a chunk of that change? Whether you're… Continue Reading

Don't Use Apache Spark Before Reading This Useful Guide!

Apache Spark is among the most promising solutions for in-memory data processing that is capable of advanced batch and real-time analytics within the… Continue Reading

The Real Elephant in the Room: Why No One Wants to Talk About Big Data Security

Gone are the days when businesses sit on the sidelines, mulling about whether they'll actually get an ROI for investments in big data. Hadoop, Spark,… Continue Reading

Bigstep Launches the First Real-Time Container Service

CHICAGO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Bigstep, the big-data cloud provider, today launched Bigstep Real-Time Container Service designed especially for real-time streaming… Continue Reading

2 Insanely Clever Tips & Tricks for Running Spark on Hadoop

After some interesting industry banter about whether Hadoop or Spark would inevitably rule the universe of big data analytics, it's decided. There's room… Continue Reading

Building Data Lakes in the Cloud

Understand why building a data lake in the cloud entails different particularities than building it on premisesEvery industry has both proven and potential… Continue Reading

5 Essential Tips for the Hadoop Ecosystem You Must Know Before 2017

You sat on the sidelines, anxiously awaiting the play caller's decision. Is big data and data analytics the way to score a touchdown, or is the call still… Continue Reading

Big Data Becoming the Bare Essential for Business

Big data has been the biggest IT buzzword of the decade. For several years, it's dominated business news journals, tech zines, marketing mags, and industry… Continue Reading

Debunking 3 Myths About the Data Lake

Whether your organization is just dipping your feet in the pond of big data or dunk all the way in for a swim there regularly, someone at some point has… Continue Reading

How Big Data is Helping to Take a Bite Out of World Hunger

In a world with 7 billion souls, two-thirds of them go hungry on a regular basis. This is in spite of the fact that about 30 percent of the food the world… Continue Reading

Stanford Leads the Way Towards Ethical Use of Big Data in Higher Ed

Colleges and universities would love nothing more than to deliver an educational experience so personalized that no student ever drops out and all students… Continue Reading

Big Data Gets Super-Fast with Ubuntu on Bigstep Metal Cloud

Bigstep gains Ubuntu Public Cloud certificationUbuntu Server images are optimized for performance, security, dependability on Bigstep Metal Cloud, with… Continue Reading

How Big Data Made a Big Splash in the Rio Olympic Games

Long before Olympians are groomed for the cameras and briefed about the fears over the Zitka virus, big data was helping them shave tiny fractions of… Continue Reading

Secret Ingredients: 5 Essential Herbs & Spices for Every Streaming Data Platform

Are you cooking up a streaming data platform to handle incoming data from your mobile apps, websites, or Internet of Things devices? If so, there are… Continue Reading

4 Things You Need to Know to Get the Most from Docker Containers

Containers are a technology that allows you to stuff more compute workloads onto a single server, giving you the ability to upscale capacity for new compute… Continue Reading

Elasticsearch 101: The Basics

Elasticsearch is a distributed search and analytical engine (search engine). It operates as a super-fast search within a particular dataset, is multi-tenant,… Continue Reading

How to Choose the Right NoSQL Database for All the Right Reasons

If you're taking on big data, you'll quickly realize that that means taking on a lot of unstructured data. Unstructured data doesn't fit into a typical… Continue Reading

What's New & Exciting for the Hadoop Ecosystem These Days?

Remember a few years ago, when Hadoop took knocks left and right for lacking usability, security, and other key features and functionality? Well, no more.… Continue Reading

What is a Metal Cloud?

If you've been shopping around for cloud services, especially for big data storage and analytics, you've likely stumbled across the term 'metal cloud'… Continue Reading

After the Storm Comes the Heron: How Twitter's Heron is Attempting to Replace Apache Storm

For the past couple of years, the big data debates have largely involved discussions of Hadoop versus Spark, Spark versus Storm, and MapReduce versus,… Continue Reading

5 Things Driving the Phenomenal Success of Apache Spark

If Hadoop is the tool that ushered in the era of big data, Spark is the one that's driving the next phase of its evolution. Spark is the brainchild of… Continue Reading

6 Ways to Get More Convenience Out of Spark in the Cloud

So, you got Spark. Since you wanted to save tons on storage (plus eliminate all that hassle setting up and maintaining your architecture), you opted for… Continue Reading

Bigstep to Bring Big Data Week to Chicago and London This Fall

Anchor Events Highlight Practical Use Cases, Best Practices and Effective Approaches from Leaders at Google, Facebook, TripAdvisor, Shazam and More.CHICAGO--(BUSINESS… Continue Reading

4 Things to Know About Hadoop & Apache Spark

Within the marketplace of big data and analytical products, Hadoop and Spark are often pitted as competitors. That's not really the case. Many big data… Continue Reading

Offloading Mainframe Data Into Hadoop: 4 Things You Need to Know

For those who have spent the last decade steeped in all things cloud, virtualized environments, and Hadoop ecosystems, it may come as a shock that some… Continue Reading

Bigstep and Helioserv Announce a Strategic Partnership to Deliver Big Data Hackathons

Partnership formed to provide Hackathon-in-a-Box, the fastest possible track to data-driven insights.CHICAGO & LONDON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Bigstep, the… Continue Reading

3 Pain Points in NoSQL Security

When open source NoSQL databases were first being developed, there was mostly a strong desire to know if they would succeed with this model of developing… Continue Reading

Hadoop Overview: What is It? What is It Used for? Do You Need It?

The concept of big data isn't new at all. While the exact conception point of modern big data can likely be traced back (according to Forbes) to the identification… Continue Reading

Covering the Basics: Spark as a Service

Developed by the Apache Software Foundation, which specializes in open source software and has taken a particular fancy to big data analytical tools,… Continue Reading

5 Best Practices for Securing Your Data in NoSQL Applications

Perhaps the most compelling argument for the mass adoption of NoSQL is the general lack of buzz. Not that nobody's writing about it or talking about it,… Continue Reading

Hadoop Then & Now: Doug Cutting's Take on the Past, the Present, and the Future of This Game-Changing Technology

Not only is Doug Cutting the brains behind the most successful big data platform, Hadoop, he is also one of the reasons why the open source community… Continue Reading

4 Powerful Ways Manufacturers are Putting Big Data to Extraordinarily Good Use

There has been so much emphasis on how big data is being used in industries like banking, security, and especially marketing. Less is said about how it… Continue Reading

Can You Hire Big Data & Fire Your Lawyer? The Future of AI in Business Law

One of the most hotly contested aspects of taking on artificial intelligence (AI) has always been the potential for machines to take over jobs that have… Continue Reading

5 Tips & Tricks for Staying Out of the Ditch with Data Analytics

Data analytics has probably been discussed and debated as much as any of the disruptive technologies that have rocked our times. Finally, a clear set… Continue Reading

Bigstep Launches Bare-Metal Cloud for Big Data in the U.S.

Bigstep, the only provider of a full-stack bare-metal cloud built for big data, announced its launch in the U.S. From its new Chicago-based data center… Continue Reading

5 Rules for Avoiding a Big Crash & Burn with Big Data

In the wide world of racing, the goal is to field a car capable of zooming around the track at optimal speeds, avoiding a fiery crash into the wall or… Continue Reading

Why the Future of Cyber Security Lies in Big Data & Artificial Intelligence

Just a cursory look around the world of cyber security is enough to deduce: we aren't doing a good enough job. The cyber criminal organization Carbanak… Continue Reading

Worldwide Bare Metal Cloud Market Growth of 43.2%

DUBLIN--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Research and Markets has announced the addition of the "Worldwide Bare Metal Cloud Market - Types (Hardware, Software, and Services),… Continue Reading

5 Exciting Trends Reshaping the Universe of Data Storage Right Now

For a very long time, the wide world of data storage was, well, a bit stagnant. Yes, storage costs came down over time, as capacity and supply increased,… Continue Reading

4 Takeaways on Big Data We Can Glean from the 2016 US Presidential Campaigns

Waaaaay back in 2008, the first time Obama was elected, big data wasn't even a buzzword. It was more like a dark art form. The concept of dealing in terms… Continue Reading

Planning Your Summer Vacay? Here are 4 Awesomely Nerdy Destinations for the Tech Geek's Ultimate Getaway

It's time for Bermuda shorts and ridiculous tourist-style Hawaiian tops, flip flops, and sunburns. But where should the tech geeks among us head for this… Continue Reading

5 Big Trends Poised to Change the Future of Big Data Analytics

As we reach the midpoint of 2016, where does big data stand? What trends are emerging that will affect big data and analytics heading towards the end… Continue Reading

Why Better BI May Lie in the Cloud (But Not the One You're Thinking)

What is the single greatest factor that affects business performance today? Do you think it's new technologies? Maybe it's the economy. Perhaps, it's… Continue Reading

2016: The Year World Governments Decided to Reform Data Privacy

In 1998, the European Union, United States, and Switzerland entered an agreement called Safe Harbor, which was enacted to assure that the data collected,… Continue Reading

5 Myths About Data Breaches You Can Stop Believing Now

Headline news is what most of us use to gauge the state of cyber security. After all, it's what we see, hear, and think about. But the headlines (by nature)… Continue Reading

The World's 3 Most Massive Data Breaches & The Lessons You Can Learn From Them

What was the biggest data breach ever? Was it the infamous Sony hack that ended 2014? Maybe it was the much-publicized US Office of Personnel Management… Continue Reading

Is NoSQL the Future of Big Data?

Typically, the way Gartner and other market analysts judge adoption levels of a new technology is to assess their market shares. For example, the dollars… Continue Reading

Are Data Breaches Even More Common Than We Are Led to Believe?

A cursory look at some of the numbers on data breaches can be misleading. For instance, while there were just 400 reported cases of data breaches over… Continue Reading

A Buyer's Guide to BI Analytics Tools & Solutions

Big data has passed buzzword status and progressed to must-have-business-solution. Your competitors are getting into big data, which means you either… Continue Reading

How Big Data Fits Into Your Content Marketing Strategy

Big data has made a huge mark on virtually every industry on earth. From manufacturing goods to transporting same, from assessing financial risk to determining… Continue Reading

How Big Data is Delivering Operational Intelligence in Real Time

Big data is often associated with batch processing -- analytics that takes a lot of time. But increasingly, new data processing and analytical tools are… Continue Reading

How to Choose the Right Programming Language for Your Big Data Initiatives

So, you have big plans for big data. You've picked out a lovely infrastructure and it's time to get started. But one question remains: which language… Continue Reading

5 of the Best Books to Put on Your Big Data Reading List for Summer 2016

Last year, readers thoroughly enjoyed our run-down of the top big data books for the year. As you prepare for summer vacation, you'll probably want to… Continue Reading

4 Things to Look for When Choosing Your Data Lake Vendor

In the beginning was the database, and the database was good. It stored all of the transactional data and powered your users and applications quite nicely.… Continue Reading

5 Ways to Use Big Data That Have Nothing to Do With Marketing

For all of the buzz about big data and analytics, most of the real world use cases you read about involve marketing. It's true: big data is powerful for… Continue Reading

3 Predictions for Hadoop & Big Data Between Now and 2021

The past few years have brought some growing pains for big data and Hadoop. They had to fight the reputation that they were just buzzwords and had nothing… Continue Reading

Big Data Gone Wild! And How to Tame the Beast

Has big data gotten completely out of control in your organization? Maybe the initiative is not delivering the expected ROI, or perhaps the results you're… Continue Reading

MapR Converged Data Platform Now Available in Our Technology Stack

We are pleased to announce that the highest-performance Hadoop distribution is now available on the Bigstep platform.MapR on the Bigstep platform is… Continue Reading

Is Your IoT Initiative Bringing Your Organization Chaos, or Have You Mastered Data Curation?

After a few thousand years of technological advancement, ranging from the invention of the horse-powered buggy to the innovation of the 10,000-horsepower… Continue Reading

Bigstep Nominated as Most Innovative Enterprise Product of the Year

The Cloud Industry Forum (CIF) and Cloud Pro have announced the Shortlist for the UK Cloud Awards 2016. Bigstep is competing for the ”Most Innovative… Continue Reading

'Data Scientist' Earns Top Spot in 'Best Jobs in America'

What do you think the best job in the country is? One guy works as a personal shopper for clients looking for exotic sports cars--that's a cool job.Another… Continue Reading

4 Cyber Security Trends You Never Saw Coming

Most of the cyber attacks and data breaches you hear about are of the garden variety. The Sony hack, for example, and data breaches at Ashley Madison… Continue Reading

How Healthcare Organizations Can Avoid Getting Smacked in the Age of SMAC

SMAC is a fun little acronym conjured up to convey the concepts of "social, mobile, analytics, and cloud" that have been so prevalent and disruptive over… Continue Reading

How to Enable & Support Good Data Stewardship in Your Organization

Data stewardship is the act and responsibility of handling and managing data quality within an organization. Sometimes it's the job title of a single… Continue Reading

Recapping the Year of Transition for Hadoop & NoSQL

In 2015, Hadoop and NoSQL gained mainstream adoption and big data moved from buzzword to real investment. Both platforms grew and matured, with numerous… Continue Reading

The Pink Elephant in the Room: How IT Ignores Blatant Security Issues, Even in the Era of the Data Breach

What would happen if you completely ignored your car maintenance or home maintenance? What if you bought a car and drove it for years with no oil changes,… Continue Reading

Is Self-Serve Analytics a Viable Option in Your IT Environment?

When big data and data analytics first hit the scene, getting answers and business intelligence out of the data was like pulling teeth out of a charging… Continue Reading

What's Valuable, Sensitive, and Floating Around on the Deep, Dangerous, Dark Web? Your Data

It happens all too frequently: a large, well-known organization issues a press release, admitting that [insert horrifying number here] of their customers',… Continue Reading

8 Trends in Cloud Computing & Big Data to Watch in 2016

Have you settled into the new year, or at least quit dating everything 2015? Good. That means it's time to take a look at what this year has in store… Continue Reading

4 Questions to Ask (and Answer!) Before Taking on Big Data in Your Organization

Most businesses are aware of the concept of big data. A fair number have begun using it. But big data hasn't yet permeated all businesses and industries,… Continue Reading

The Top 5 Hottest Tech Trends for 2016

Last year was dominated by mobile technologies, everything "aaS", and the data breach. In fact, security dominated a sizeable portion of 2015 tech news… Continue Reading

7 Things You Need to Know About Implementing Cloud Services

After a few years of proving its value, addressing security concerns, and developing viable business models, the cloud has achieved a significant market… Continue Reading

Ransomware: What You Need to Know to Secure Your Data Today

Each year, major cyber security companies and other industry experts release their predictions for the year ahead. These predictions include what attacks… Continue Reading

Hacktivism: What It is and How You Can Avoid Becoming a Target

New years are new beginnings. In our personal lives, that usually means rethinking and recommitting to goals like physical fitness, financial prosperity,… Continue Reading

Do I Need the Free or Enterprise Version of Splunk?

Splunk is a powerful tool for operational intelligence and otherwise monitoring, searching, and analyzing big data. Splunk is available in three versions:… Continue Reading

A Look Ahead at the Cyber Security Forecast for 2016

The year 2015 was really just an extension of the year before in terms of cyber security. It featured lots of high-profile data breaches, some garden-variety… Continue Reading

The Human Touch: Why Big Data Isn't Just About the Technology

The Machine Age has given way to the Information Age, but many are calling this the Second Machine Age, since the information we possess is far beyond… Continue Reading

Why Spark Isn't Going to Dethrone Hadoop Anytime Soon

Once upon a time, Yahoo! needed a way to scale out storage, along with the ability to parallelize tasks, without emptying the king's coffers. The king's… Continue Reading

What Separates a Successful Data Lake from an Unsuccessful One?

The data lake is a relative newcomer to the land of data storage, but it's rapidly making a name for itself for several reasons. Data lakes are ideal… Continue Reading

What is the Difference Between Virtualization and the Private Cloud?

If you read the statistics, use of the private cloud infrastructure is on the rise. In fact, some years it has doubled year over year. Some resources… Continue Reading

Bigstep Launches First to Market Data Lake as a Service

Now Part of Bigstep’s Full Metal Cloud, Designed for Big DataDecember 15, 2015 07:21 AM Eastern Standard TimeLONDON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Today big… Continue Reading

5 Incredible Ways to Use Your Hadoop-Based Data Lake

When a new concept comes along, the first thing it has to prove to the marketplace is why it is a valuable thing and what it has to offer that previous… Continue Reading

5 Disruptive Trends That Will Shape Big Data, Hadoop, and Cloud Storage in 2016

The tinsel is hung, Cyber Monday has come and gone, and hopefully you've decided whom to lure under the mistletoe. Instead of sneaking a peek at the gifts… Continue Reading

What Goes Into Designing a Successful Data Lake?

Data lakes are a relatively new concept. Data lakes are the solution to data silos, where data gets locked away and becomes inaccessible to other systems,… Continue Reading

4 Big Goofs to Avoid When Creating Your Data Lake

If you're in the position of managing organizational data, you've probably heard about the concept of data lakes. While data lakes are marked by their… Continue Reading

Embracing Cloud? NoSQL Might be Your Ticket to the Skies

To read the blogs and news posts, you would assume that all businesses have already successfully migrated to the cloud, and if yours has not you are behind… Continue Reading

The Cloud Isn't the Only Reason You Need NoSQL

Many organizations take on NoSQL in order to move workloads to the cloud. However, there are many other reasons to consider delving into NoSQL. It is… Continue Reading

Data Breaches are Now Commonplace: How Can You Keep Safe?

The year 2014 was dubbed 'the year of the data breach', but it looks like 2015 will meet or surpass it in terms of the numbers, sizes, and severity of… Continue Reading

Interview with Ben Lorica for Big Data Week

Big Data Week will debute on 23 November, having the main conference on Nov 25, in London. We are the Elite Sponsor for the eventThis blog post is part… Continue Reading

Big Data Feels the Need, The Need for Speed

Just like other recent tech innovations -- mobile, cloud, social, etc. -- big data has proven its worth. Organizations no longer question its role in… Continue Reading

Are You Ready to Rumble? NoSQL and Relational DBs Face Off

Don't you just love a heated debate among tech geeks? Along with arguments over the rightful place of cloud computing, the merits and risks of BYOD, and… Continue Reading

Have Your Say At Big Data Week London!

Scientists, visualizers, analysts and executives: you’re invited to be a part of The Big Data Week Community. You want your big data story to be… Continue Reading

5 Cyber Security Mistakes That Led to the Dow Jones Security Breach

In early October, publisher and financial news and information firm Dow Jones & Company announced that it was apparently the latest victim of hackers… Continue Reading

5 Big Data Lessons to Learn from the Middle Eastern Refugee Crisis

Not since the second world war have nations been so pressed to accommodate such an overwhelming influx of refugees. Pouring in from war-torn, impoverished,… Continue Reading

Big Data Goes Wild! How Big Data is Making a Big Difference to Wildlife

Big data can help business in many ways: improving everything from marketing to production to research and development. It's also proven invaluable to… Continue Reading

3 Totally Awesome Real-World Uses for Big Data

You've read a lot about big data, and are probably familiar with a few ways it is used in the real world. For instance, most people are aware that big… Continue Reading

Is Your Data Lake an Episode of Hoarders: Buried Alive?

Limited offer! Discover the first Full Metal Data Lake as a Service in the world. Get 1TB free for life - limited to 100 applicants. Start here.Have you… Continue Reading

It's Not Too Late to be a Big Data Scientist When You Grow Up

The average data scientists commands considerably more than $100,000 per year. At top employers like Twitter and Facebook, that figure is well over $135,000… Continue Reading

This Big Data is Too Hot, This Big Data is Too Cold, and This Big Data is Just Right

Almost every business is aware of the growth of data and is trying to figure out ways to deal with it. Some organizations have begun a "big data initiative"… Continue Reading

Big Data's 'Elephant in the Room': The Issue Nobody Wants to Talk About

It's been a hushed murmur in LinkedIn discussions and blog posts. It's a silent scream in many businesses. But until now, it hasn't been spoken aloud.… Continue Reading

The Data Lake Wars Are Just Beginning

If you’re in the IT business, you’ve probably heard about the data lake concept. Even though the term was coined a few years ago, it’s only recently being… Continue Reading

Calling the McLaren Team

A team works to improve performance in Formula 1 racing. A couple of years later, they’re asked to help with airport efficiency, oil drilling and drug… Continue Reading

Now You See It, Now You See It Better: How to Turn Big Data Into a Purposeful Visual Presentation

By now, it's common knowledge that the reason the space shuttle Challenger blew up mid-launch was because of an O-ring that failed at temperature. What's… Continue Reading

5 Best Practices to Assure Your Data Lake is Swimmingly Successful

As big data becomes a mainstay in the business, many organizations are abandoning the data warehouse for data lakes. With a data lake, you don't have… Continue Reading

Is a Data Lake the Better Solution to Your Data Warehousing Issues?

The good old data warehouse has serviced business admirably for decades. Generally structured as a relational database, it is the go-to data resource… Continue Reading

When Data Meets Philosophy

When it comes to big data, philosophy is a bit overwhelmed. Attitudes vary tremendously. Some people fear it, others see it as necessary (but distrust… Continue Reading

Is Big Data a Bigot? How Big Data Can Lead to Unintentional Discrimination

Discrimination based on one's age, sex, race, sexual orientation, handicap, and other issues is wrong. Not only is it wrong, but in many cases it is illegal.… Continue Reading

Music + Big Data = Music Science

Music and statistics have gone hand in hand since the beginning of radio. But lately digitization, the decline of analog devices and the rise of analytics… Continue Reading

Webinar: “A Business User’s Guide to Big Data on Hadoop" (September 23rd)

On the 23rd of September, Ioana Hreninciuc and Andrew J Brust will host the “Business User’s Guide to Big Data on Hadoop” webinar. The… Continue Reading

Are You Ready for the Future of Big Data?

The initial surge of the big data revolution is winding down. Most businesses are now at least aware of the potential big data holds and have a plan in… Continue Reading

Full Metal Data Lake - The First Data Lake as a Service in The World

The Full Metal Data Lake is hereWe are pleased to annouce the first Data-Lake-as-a-Service in the world! Bigstep's Full Metal Data Lake  is the easiest,… Continue Reading

Get Your Enterprise (NCC-1701D) Ready for Data Lake

Say you’re Captain Picard. Your company is your flagship. Your Enterprise. With the right strategy, your ship can take you anywhere. But it must run flawlessly.… Continue Reading

Can Big Data Take the Guesswork Out of Identifying Successful Startups?

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Is the Enterprise Ready for OpenStack?

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Ouch! 4 Big Data Pain Points That Need a Remedy Now

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Big Data In Science

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Expert Interview with Jorge Balcells on Green Data

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Malvertizing: What It is and What You Need to Know to Keep Your Network Secure

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How Big Data Can Improve Your Supply Chain

Big data has made enormous changes to the sales and marketing departments -- allowing those professionals to personalize a customer service experience… Continue Reading

Health-Related Data a Top Target for Hackers

Since September 2009, there have been 1,282 data breaches involving the healthcare community, according to the official figures of the US government.… Continue Reading

Robots to Judge and Hire Us

The New York Times says artificial intelligence can hire people and do a pretty good job at it. The Wall Street Journal says the same. Some are not convinced.… Continue Reading

Hadoop Adoption Just Got Way Easier

Predictions for Hadoop adoption among enterprises have been highly hopeful. One such prediction anticipated that Hadoop would achieve a 75 percent adoption… Continue Reading

A Business User’s Guide to Big Data on Hadoop

This webcast will give an overview of deploying Hadoop within the organization as a strategic initiative for business advantage. Rather than viewing distributed… Continue Reading

Big Data is Here to Entertain You

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The Rise of the Storytelling Machines

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5 Unexpected Ways to Use Big Data

People are already using Big Data in ways that nobody could have predicted only a few years ago. Here are some of the most unexpected examples.The algorithms… Continue Reading

Become a Meteorologist With Just Your Phone

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Debunked! 6 Myths About Big Data You Need to Know the Truth About

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5 Practical Ways Your Business Can Use Big Data Now

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Big Data for the Little Business

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5 Reasons Why Your Data Analysis is Inaccurate

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How Does Mobile and Wearable Tech Affect Your Big Data Privacy Policies?

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How Big Data Can Help You Improve Your Customers' Experience

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Big Data and Artificial Intelligence: NOT the End of the World as We Know It

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How to Run a Big Data Benchmarking Test

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4 Takeaways from the Recent Data Breach of US Government Security Agency

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US Government Expands Big Data Project Collecting Information on Civilians Without Search Warrants

In the US, one of the most solid protections against an overly aggressive or invasive government is the idea of the search warrant. Without a search warrant,… Continue Reading

Expert Interview with Ajay Ohri on the Importance of Big Data

"It has been proven comprehensively that data-driven decisions will beat instinct-driven decisions," notes Ajay Ohri of DecisionStats. Ajay was kind enough… Continue Reading

Expert Interview with Daniel Lemire on Better Uses for Big Data

Daniel Lemire is a professor of computer science at the University of Quebec in Montreal, Canada, as well as a dedicated blogger and DIYer (he makes everything… Continue Reading

Memory, Big Data, NoSQL and Virtualization

In-memory processing has started to become the norm in large-scale data handling. This is aclose to the metal analysis of highly important but often neglected… Continue Reading

Is It Time for Our DB Administrator to Delve Into NoSQL?

Along with all of the media and blogging buzz about big data, NoSQL databases have crept into the headlines. Many proponents of big data are adamant that… Continue Reading

3 Real-Live Big Data Success Stories That Prove You Can Make It Happen

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What is the Next Generation Firewall? How Can You Choose One?

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How Can You Explain Hadoop to the Non-Techies in the C-Suite?

Getting upper management to expand the IT budget is hard enough when they actually understand what you're asking for, like new PCs or better Wi-Fi. But… Continue Reading

Introducing The Full Metal Control Center

Big data environments at your fingertipsThe Full Metal Cloud is introducing a new version of the Control Center, which allows you, whether you come from… Continue Reading

Expert Interview with Doug Rich on the Rise of Virtualization

The rise of virtualization has been a boon for enterprises large and small, but that doesn't mean the transition from more predictable storage methods… Continue Reading

Does Taking on Hadoop Mean the End of Your Data Warehouse?

There seems to be some confusion among executives -- many respond in polls to indicate that Hadoop will eventually replace their data warehouses entirely.… Continue Reading

The Database VS the Data Warehouse: What's the Difference and Which Do You Need?

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IaaS Versus PaaS Versus SaaS: What are the Differences?

If you have contracted for cloud computing services, your service falls under one of these categories: Software as a Service, Platform as a Service, or… Continue Reading

Interview: Matt Pfeil of DataStax on Apache Cassandra and Big Data

Everybody knows that big data is big business, but few know why - let alone how best to take advantage of it.DataStax is built around the Apache Cassandra,… Continue Reading

What is IaaS and How Does It Fit in Your Organization?

As you shop for technology solutions, you'll come across terms like "SaaS," "PaaS," and "IaaS." These are terms used to describe a new business model… Continue Reading

Oleg Shilovitsky Of Beyond PLM On Big Data Trends For PLM

Big data is making its way into every field and industry, as companies continue to work out all the angles on how technology can help optimize their businesses.… Continue Reading

Anita Garimella Andrews on Data-Driven Decision Making

If you want to lessen data management growing pains in the future, then you need to implement thoughtful data structure right at the start, says Anita… Continue Reading

What Do People Use the Cloud for?

Perhaps more than any other modern technology, the cloud is most misunderstood. What is it? Where is it? What is it for? The cloud is just a term to describe… Continue Reading

What is an IT Service Broker and Do You Need One?

Information technology is getting complicated. It's so complex, in fact, that staying on top of business technology can become so consuming that businesses… Continue Reading

Expert Interview with Daniel D. Gutierrez on Big Data Headlines

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How Can You Be Sure Your Information is Secure in the Cloud?

Have you read all of the warnings about cloud computing? If so, you likely have some concerns about how safe cloud storage really is. Fortunately, there… Continue Reading

But, Really, What Is the Cloud?

The cloud: it's what everybody is talking about, few truly understand, and even fewer can agree on an exact definition. What does it mean to "store something… Continue Reading

OrientDB Interview On Multi-Model DBs Management For Big Data

Speed, efficiency, and ease of visualizing information are some of the greatest opportunities Big Data offers. This speed and efficiency goes straight… Continue Reading

How Software Pirates are Getting a Free Pass on Windows 10

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Soft Skills and IT: How to Hire Tech Workers With the Right Stuff

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4 Customer Analytics You Can't Afford to Ignore

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Data Driven Digital Marketing - How Hadoop Can Help

Data leads to proper analysis, which in turn leads to more conversions. Every successful marketing strategy relies on data to get the desired results.… Continue Reading

Is the Tech Worker Labor Shortage Threatening Your IT Security?

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The Top 8 Things to Know About Implementing BYOD Policies

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Big Data and SEO: How the Two Can Partner Up

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Learn From Bigstep & EXASOL How To Start With Big Data In Minutes

Start making big data with no training required We have teamed up with EXASOL  to discuss how simple it is to make big data analytics with no training… Continue Reading

How to Provide Enterprise-Level Security to Cloud-Based Apps

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How to Avoid the 5 Scariest Big Data Pitfalls

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Big Data: The Rush for Instant Results

If you were to print out all the data added to the web each year, you would need a lot of trees - probably all the trees on the planet and then some.… Continue Reading

How to Get Everyone on Board with Your Big Data Initiatives

You've read the blogs and seen the news: big data is here and you're convinced it's an excellent solution for your organization. But not everyone agrees.… Continue Reading

Is the Next Silicon Valley Coming to... Utah?

Just fewer than 3 million souls call Utah home; some 80 percent of them live and work in a comparatively small section in the north-central part of the… Continue Reading

Big Data & Social Media

Most brands have learned to leverage social media to engage with their customers, at least to some degree. They manage accounts on Facebook, Twitter,… Continue Reading

Webinar: Datameer & Bigstep CEOs get together to talk analytics on Hadoop

Analytics on Hadoop in minutes instead of daysBigstep CEO Flaviu Radulescu and Datameer CEO Stefan Groschupfsat down and discussed big data, analytics… Continue Reading

You Don't Have to Be in Robotics to Make Use of Artificial Intelligence

The concepts of robots and artificial intelligence, or AI, have been linked from the beginning. Author Samuel Butler first conjured up the idea in his… Continue Reading

Why Big Oil Wasting Big Data is a Big Deal

For those who know what big data is capable of in terms of improving production, lowering costs, and streamlining processes, it is almost unfathomable… Continue Reading

Is Virtual Reality a Viable Tool for Your Brand?

The video gaming industry was quick to jump on the virtual reality bandwagon, offering gamers a chance to really get into the game and pretend the action… Continue Reading

Is Big Data the Answer to Your Security Questions?

The year 2014 became known as the Year of the Hacker, even before it mercifully came to an end. In fact, many security experts predict that the trend… Continue Reading

Big Data: Are We All Speaking the Same Language?

Big data has brought a big host of new terms along for the ride. Though often touted as just "buzzwords," it's important that everyone understands exactly… Continue Reading

The World’s Fastest Analytic DB On The World’s Highest Performance Cloud

In-memory data analytics in the Full Metal CloudOrganizations that need to jump into their large data workloads can now benefit from the world’s… Continue Reading

SQL Versus NoSQL: What are the Differences and How Do You Choose?

For several decades, SQL (Structured Query Language) has been the most used programming language for managing databases. SQL is a relational database… Continue Reading

6 Reasons Why It's Better to Run Hadoop in the Cloud

Want to begin taking advantage of the power of Hadoop for managing and analyzing big data? If so, you have a lot of decisions to make regarding how and… Continue Reading

Choosing the Best Method for Outside Network Access

Some lucky businesses are housed in a single building, making networking a cinch. Others, however, are sprawled across large campuses, a metro area, or… Continue Reading

Thwarting Server-to-Server Communications Spoofing

Your business name is Bob Knows Best with a domain name of Your customers receive an email saying that there is a problem with their… Continue Reading

5 Things You Need to Consider Before Delving Into Big Data

The benefits of big data to a single organization can be profound. When used correctly, it can provide huge savings, help a company reach more customers,… Continue Reading

Cloud-Based Data Warehousing on the Increase

Cloud adoption has been on the rise for some time, but most of the migration has been in the form of moving applications to the cloud. Only recently has… Continue Reading

Datameer on Full Metal - The Shortest Time To Insights

We are pleased to announce that we have joined forces with Datameer for helping business managers to get started with big data in a high performance,… Continue Reading

Interview with Dev Lakhani from Batch Insights on Big Data

Dev Lakhani has a background in Software Engineering and a degree in Computational Statistics from Oxford.  Founder of Batch Insights, Dev has been actively… Continue Reading

SDN + Cloud = Bright Future

SDN, or software defined networking, isn't exactly new. The concept came into being back in the 1990's. However, the realization of the potential for… Continue Reading

How to Choose the Best Hadoop Vendor for Your Needs

Ready to join the growing ranks of businesses (including a number of Fortune 500 companies) that are utilizing the power of Hadoop for big data analysis?… Continue Reading

Is Docker Just for Small Biz, or Can Enterprises Take Advantage Too?

Introduced in 2013, Docker took on quickly in startups and small businesses. Originally developed to work with Linux operating systems, the new company… Continue Reading

Windows to Linux: The Challenges, The Benefits, and Making the Change

Last year, Windows operating systems were hit with an unprecedented number of malware attacks. Conversely, Linux systems were hit with only a couple of… Continue Reading

Big Data in the Cloud Offers Lucrative Job Positions

Looking for a great new career path? Big data might be your ticket to success. The supply of big data scientists and related professions is low, while… Continue Reading

Expert Interview with Paul F. Roberts on Cyber Security and Big Data

Paul F. Roberts, founder and editor in chief of The Security Ledger, has a deep passion for cyber security - especially as it relates to the Internet… Continue Reading

How to Automate Big Data with Ansible

London AnsibleFest 2015 was a day-long series of learning seminars by Ansible developers.  Our IT Operations Manager, Marius opened the speaking session… Continue Reading

Best Books to Put on Your Big Data Reading List for 2015

Last year, the rage in big data literature included Big Data: A Revolution That Will Transform How We Live, Work, and Think by Kenneth Cukier and Viktor… Continue Reading

The Legal Considerations of Big Data

The focus of most companies utilizing or planning to utilize big data has so far been focused on the technologies and talents needed to process and analyze… Continue Reading

Why 2015 is Set to Be the Biggest Year for Cloud Adoption Yet

The year 2014 saw almost a 26 percent gain in cloud computing over 2013. The market ended at a worth of $76.1 billion in 2013, growing to $95.8 billion… Continue Reading

What to Expect From Big Data in 2015

Big data had quite a big year last year, as Hadoop gained more widespread acceptance and hit Wall Street with a bang. How hard will it be for big data… Continue Reading

How Ansible Might Just Be the Ideal IT Management Tool

On February 5 in London, AnsibleFest 2015 will feature a day-long series of learning seminars by Ansible developers.  Our IT Operations Manager, Marius… Continue Reading


We’ve recently worked on a case study with HP for their line of ProLiant Gen9 servers. In our testing, we found up to 40% improvements… Continue Reading

North America Vs Europe: Who Will Win the Race to Cloud Adoption?

Cloud spending is on the upswing globally, and is expected to increase by another 42 percent during the year 2015, bringing the total cloud market value… Continue Reading

How Healthcare Could Be Leading the Way Towards Cloud Adoption

By most reports, the healthcare industry has been slower than most in adopting the cloud. However, some key changes recently have marked a rapid acceptance… Continue Reading

How Big Data is Changing the World of Modern Manufacturing

It's hard to find an industry that big data isn't making an impact in, but the world of manufacturing showcases the operational power of big data like… Continue Reading

Expert Interview with Mark Csernica on the Future of Big Data for Bigstep

The future of Big Data is even Bigger Data, according to Mark Csernica, technology analyst for Mind Commerce, a research and consulting firm that supports… Continue Reading

Docker Best Practices

Lean, uncomplicated, standardized, easily manageable: that's the essence of Docker containerization. Using best practices assures that all of the benefits… Continue Reading

Mark Van Rijmenam: How Big Data is Transforming Our Lives

You don't need to have massive data sets in order to start harnessing the power of Big Data, says Mark van Rijmenam, hoping to clear up one of the most… Continue Reading

How Does a Green Data Center Achieve Efficiency?

Green data centers are more than just a buzzword. Since data centers now consume twice the amount of power it takes to power all the households in New… Continue Reading

Expert Interview with Antony Falco on Databases in the Cloud

Speaking with Antony Falco, founder and former COO of Basho, turned out to be a good lesson on databases in the cloud.If you're a programmer or developer… Continue Reading

Hadoop: A $1 Trillion Opportunity?

Hadoop's growth and media attention over the past few years pales in comparison only to the biggest tech news, like the advancement of cloud computing… Continue Reading

Hadoop Used to Predict Flight Delays

Hadoop consolidates large volumes of information, stores it efficiently, processes it powerfully, and does all this inexpensively. This makes Hadoop an… Continue Reading

NoSQL Performance Benchmarks Series: Cassandra

We all know Cassandra is supposed to scale but what is its exact scaling pattern? How much faster does it get if you add an extra node? Is it truly linear?… Continue Reading

Expert Interview with Linda Bustos on Small Business and Big Data

By now, savvy business owners should be aware that big data might be their new best friend. But, says Linda Bustos, director of eCommerce research at… Continue Reading

Prediction: More Predictive Analysis Apps are on the Way

What's new in technology for 2015? One of the big predictions for big data is more predictive analysis apps. As the bare metal cloud makes cloud computing… Continue Reading

How Can I Improve Our Cloud Performance?

Latency. More than any other factor, latency has hindered the full corporate acceptance of cloud computing. Many work environments simply can't tolerate… Continue Reading

4 Ways to Boost Your Bare Metal Cloud Experience

When you're looking to reduce overhead expenses -- but you want to retain the flexibility, scalability, and efficiency of a virtualized cloud -- bare… Continue Reading

4 Reasons to Love Hadoop on the Full Metal Cloud

Though Hadoop cloud computing is achieving mass acceptance among corporations working with big data, it hasn't come without criticism, reliability among… Continue Reading

Hadoopoconomics and Other Forecasted Trends for 2015

Forrester analyst Mike Gualtier has made numerous predictions for Hadoop in the year 2015, primarily that the smart economic sense of Hadoop will inevitably… Continue Reading

Expert Interview with Douglas Karr on Marketing and Big Data

It's time to stop treating data as a lake, where you understand the width, depth, volume and number of fish, says Douglas Karr, author of Corporate Blogging… Continue Reading

5 Benefits of Cloud Performance Testing

For companies that sink or swim based on service outages and customer satisfaction ratings, the benefits of performance testing are clear and well-documented.… Continue Reading

Learning to Live with (and Overcome) Hadoop's Flaws

When it comes to managing big data, no system can match Hadoop in terms of working with huge data sets comprised of structured data, unstructured data,… Continue Reading

Interview with Paul Wilkinson on Construction's Adoption of SaaS

When it comes to SaaS, there are the early adopters and those who need some more convincing. There are plenty in the construction industry who still view… Continue Reading

Big Data Expert Interview: Andre Vermeulen

We’re excited to launch a new series of posts on our blog with industry experts in Big Data. We will be interviewing an amazing lineup of industry… Continue Reading

Why Big Data's Future is in the Cloud

It was only a matter of time before big data and the cloud converged. Traditional on-premises approaches to big data analytics are too expensive for many… Continue Reading

So What Do You Do Now with All Your Big Data?

Big data has given companies new ways of selling products to people. It has also given scientists new ways to understand complex phenomena and given journalists… Continue Reading

Why Big Data will Always Need Gut Instincts Too

Big data is hailed as the next frontier of marketing. Some predict that in the not-so-distant future, big data will virtually drive business and marketing… Continue Reading

With Bare Metal Trend, Many Companies Face Sink or Swim Scenario

Bare metal computing isn't new, but it's just gained mainstream attention recently. Developed in 2009, bare metal sort of fell to the wayside as the virtualized… Continue Reading

The Hot and Cold Relationship Between CIOs and Hadoop

Do CIOs love Hadoop, hate it, or love to hate it? It turns out, the answer is: a little of all three. While hiring Hadoop talent at unprecedented rates… Continue Reading

4 Lessons Learned from Yahoo's Massive Hadoop Cluster Setup

Yahoo! has become the largest user of Hadoop, establishing a cluster setup comprised of 10,000 CPUs located in more than 40,000 servers with 4,500 nodes.… Continue Reading

IBM Touts Cloud, Big Data for Future of Healthcare

Most healthcare managers and administrators are already familiar with the concept of big data and the cloud. In fact, about 80 percent of healthcare facilities… Continue Reading

7 Types of Businesses That Need Better Cloud Performance

Experts have predicted the popularity of the cloud to erupt the past couple of years, but this year it finally did. Now, 87 percent of businesses are… Continue Reading

5 Keys to Getting the Most Out of Big Data Apps

Big data applications are making the transition from proof-of-concept to production, and with this transition comes demand for application resiliency… Continue Reading

Why Super Speed Matters in the Cloud

Demand for low-latency networks used to be limited to time-critical, capital-intensive applications like financial trading. Today, however, organizations… Continue Reading

Addressing the IT Learning Curve with Bare Metal

The cloud is part of the natural evolution of the internet. Why run software locally when you can use a cloud app that's automatically upgraded and patched,… Continue Reading

Couchbase In The Cloud - A Performance Benchmark

This presentation was made during the Couchbase London Meetup. Our Product Manager, Alex made a performance benchmark on Couchbase which shows sub-millisecond… Continue Reading

Why Does Bare Metal + Cloud = Better?

Companies cope with exponentially more data than they had just a few years ago. The sheer number of devices that create and transmit data has proliferated… Continue Reading

Feed Your Hadoop with Bare Metal

Once limited to internet giants like Google, Hadoop is moving into the business mainstream, allowing businesses to ingest and analyze massive quantities… Continue Reading

HUG Meetup: SQL and NoSQL on Hadoop – a look at performance

As usage of Hadoop has broadened, choosing the right DB technology and deployment platform represents key factors for the performance of your data analysis… Continue Reading

Syncsort interview: Full Metal Power in the Bigstep High Performance Cloud

The team at Syncsort recently invited us to take part in their Expert Interview series with Big Data specialists. Ioana, our Commercial Director, accepted… Continue Reading

Great news: you can get 60% more performance on existing infrastructure

We recently released a series benchmarking results which reveal that you can get up to 60% more performance from existing infrastructure - be it on-premise… Continue Reading

AlignAlytics benchmarks Elasticsearch, sees 200% performance improvement

Every so often we come across a use case that makes every hour of work put into our Full Metal Cloud worth it many times over. Today we’re in the… Continue Reading

Getting the Most Out of Your NoSQL DB

Many IT directors are failing to get the optimum performance from their infrastructure. So we’ve been conducting a number of benchmarking studies to see… Continue Reading

Don’t let security concerns impact use of big data

Security is an on-going issue in IT, with data breaches and how to prevent them, top of the agenda for many CIOs. This has been exacerbated by the rise… Continue Reading

Little wins key to big data success

Big data remains one of the major forces in technology in 2014, rich in potential with insight to allow informed business decision making. Yet it does… Continue Reading

What makes a good bare metal cloud?

Bare metal cloud is a relatively new term to add to the technology lexicon. Emerging as a concept a few years ago, it has started to gain awareness and… Continue Reading

Big data in use…healthcare

The latest in our series of blog posts that look at how big data is being deployed in different industries, this time focuses on healthcare.Healthcare… Continue Reading

Bigstep presents O'Reilly webcast on getting the most from a NoSQL DB

Many IT directors are failing to get the optimum performance from their infrastructure. So we've been conducting a number of benchmarking studies to see… Continue Reading

Big data in use…the World Cup

We’ve written before about the use of big data in sport, but with the World Cup in full swing we wanted to turn our attention to how big data is… Continue Reading

Is Bigstep’s Full Metal Cloud the Best Cloud Service?

We think so, of course. But we have recently been shortlisted in the Cloud World Series Awards 2014 in the Best Cloud Service category, so maybe we aren’t… Continue Reading

Best Practices For Scaling Elasticsearch In The Cloud

Alex Bordei (@alexandrubordei), our Product Manager  has benchmarked Elasticsearch on a wide range of Full Metal Clusters, in order to find the infrastructure… Continue Reading

Putting a value to big data

Most businesses have woken up to the fact that big data is an area in which they need to invest in to realise its rich potential. Finding the investment… Continue Reading

How BYOD is impacting big data

BYOD and big data are two of the biggest IT trends of recent times, vying for attention from press, analysts and influencers all across the industry and… Continue Reading

Big data in use…retail

The retail industry is a big data pioneer that could be said to have been deploying big data before the term was even coined. It has long used loyalty… Continue Reading

Getting Started with Splunk for Social Media

We work with Splunk to bring you real-time enterprise grade analytics and business insight based on your machine data. We automatically deploy the free… Continue Reading

Bigstep and Splunk Talk Social Data at Big Data Week London

Big Data Week 2014 was a huge success, with people all over the world enjoying presentations, seminars and panel discussions in more than 30 different… Continue Reading

Getting the most out of Impala

We have teamed up with Cloudera to analyse ways of working with Impala in order to optimise for both better performance and budget. We will be sharing… Continue Reading

Bigstep showcases bare metal cloud at Big Data Week 2014

When we launched our bare metal cloud in October 2013 we believed that we were delivering the world’s most powerful public compting infrastructure. The… Continue Reading

A bare metal cloud is Hadoop’s best friend

Hadoop is power-hungry – we all know that, right? It needs immense computing power to work effectively and for all the insight it can deliver, there is… Continue Reading

Cloud-busting – is there really only one true cloud?

The terms ‘cloud’ and ‘cloud computing’ and their exact definitions generate more heated debate in the technology sector than… Continue Reading

Bigstep cited again as one of Netcraft’s most reliable infrastructure providers

This is starting to become a habit. The latest Netcraft figures that look at the most reliable infrastructure providers in the world have been revealed… Continue Reading

From launch to Forbes in five months

When we launched our IaaS for big data in October 2013 we were confident the market would be intrigued by the combination of super computing power and… Continue Reading

The rise and rise of the data scientist

Even a few years ago, the job title ‘data scientist’ wouldn’t have sounded that interesting or important. How times change.The ever-increasing importance… Continue Reading

Bigstep, ODBMS.ORG and Big Data

Our infrastructure has been designed to ensure that organisations can process and manage their big data in the requried time and is the world’s most powerful… Continue Reading

Bigstep and ComputeNext - an award-winning partnership?

After our triumph last week as ‘newcomer of the year’ in the UK Cloud Awards 2014 it feels like a good time to announce a new partnership with ComputeNext,… Continue Reading

Bigstep: the UK Cloud Award newcomer of the year!

This week is proving to be a very busy and successful week for us and the highlight came last night, when Bigstep was crowned newcomer of the year at… Continue Reading

Bigstep – a UK Cloud Award winner?

Awards and commendations are not to be taken lightly, especially for an emerging business such as ourselves. That is why we are delighted and excited… Continue Reading

Big data in use…HR

When organisations talk about deploying big data, they usually mean within the marketing department. The insight gleaned from big data is used to better… Continue Reading

Bigstep features in Netcraft’s monthly Top 10….again

Netcraft has just published its most recent figures into the world’s most reliable infrastructure providers. We are delighted to reveal that one again… Continue Reading

Using big data for real time insight

We recently blogged about some of the different practical uses an organisation can find for big data. But many of the best use cases also have an additional… Continue Reading

Don’t let big data be a big drain on resources

Big data and virtualisation are two of the dominant technology trends of the past few years. But can they work together effectively? Big data requires… Continue Reading

The need for speed

When it comes to technology, size certainly isn’t everything. But speed might well be. Of all the qualities users looks for in almost every type of technology,… Continue Reading

What to look for in data centre location

2013 has been the year of data controversy. With the furore around PRISM in particular making headlines around the world, data has never been so topical… Continue Reading

Ever wondered what hardware your cloud provider uses?

There are times when cloud providers are able to hide behind the vagaries of the cloud. Because you can’t physically see or touch something it can be… Continue Reading

Will the cloud ever truly make its mark on the enterprise?

For all the benefits of cloud services there remains a perception that the cloud is not necessarily for the enterprise. Sure, major enterprises use the… Continue Reading

Public or private cloud…or both?

The rise to prominence of cloud computing over the last decade has dramatically changed the way many businesses operate. Whilst there are some traditionalists… Continue Reading

How is big data being used?

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Is pay-per-hour the future for IaaS?

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