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Bigstep Metal Cloud Recognized for Premium Hosting Services

We are excited to announce that FinancesOnline, the online review platform for top B2B solutions, has reviewed and listed Bigstep in the top 200 Hosting… Continue Reading

Calling the McLaren Team

A team works to improve performance in Formula 1 racing. A couple of years later, they’re asked to help with airport efficiency, oil drilling and drug… Continue Reading

Expert Interview with Jorge Balcells on Green Data

Where do Cloud Computing and Green IT intersect? We recently asked Jorge L. Balcells, Director of Technical Services for Verne Global. Continue Reading

Expert Interview with Ajay Ohri on the Importance of Big Data

"It has been proven comprehensively that data-driven decisions will beat instinct-driven decisions," notes Ajay Ohri of DecisionStats. Ajay was kind enough… Continue Reading

Expert Interview with Daniel Lemire on Better Uses for Big Data

Daniel Lemire is a professor of computer science at the University of Quebec in Montreal, Canada, as well as a dedicated blogger and DIYer (he makes everything… Continue Reading

Expert Interview with Doug Rich on the Rise of Virtualization

The rise of virtualization has been a boon for enterprises large and small, but that doesn't mean the transition from more predictable storage methods… Continue Reading

Oleg Shilovitsky Of Beyond PLM On Big Data Trends For PLM

Big data is making its way into every field and industry, as companies continue to work out all the angles on how technology can help optimize their businesses.… Continue Reading

Anita Garimella Andrews on Data-Driven Decision Making

If you want to lessen data management growing pains in the future, then you need to implement thoughtful data structure right at the start, says Anita… Continue Reading

Expert Interview with Daniel D. Gutierrez on Big Data Headlines

For IT teams to ensure they stay ahead of the curve on security and new technology related to big data, they need to start putting together their data… Continue Reading

OrientDB Interview On Multi-Model DBs Management For Big Data

Speed, efficiency, and ease of visualizing information are some of the greatest opportunities Big Data offers. This speed and efficiency goes straight… Continue Reading

Expert Interview with Paul F. Roberts on Cyber Security and Big Data

Paul F. Roberts, founder and editor in chief of The Security Ledger, has a deep passion for cyber security - especially as it relates to the Internet… Continue Reading

Expert Interview with Mark Csernica on the Future of Big Data for Bigstep

The future of Big Data is even Bigger Data, according to Mark Csernica, technology analyst for Mind Commerce, a research and consulting firm that supports… Continue Reading