Bare Metal Cloud: The Source of Competitive Advantage

If you compete on system performance and flexibility, let bare metal cloud drive your strategic advantage. Deploy your code in seconds, with all the benefits of a typical public cloud, but without compromising performance or privacy.

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Powerful, Non-Virtualized Single-Tenant Servers

Get powerful, non-virtualized, flexible, single-tenant servers that you can expand, control and manage as if they were virtualized cloud resources — but with all the performance and privacy benefits of bare metal. Benefit from the isolation and efficiency of bare metal.

Our infrastructure editor allows you to design complex, bare metal infrastructures via easy drag and drop function.

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Automated Metal

Automated metal in our software-defined cloud data-center gives you unprecedented levels of flexibility and control of your bare metal cloud instances. Design an infrastructure with our diagraming tool or automate provisioning using our SDKs to enable smart, application-aware auto-scaling.

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Bigstep Infrastructure editor

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Use Cases

Our infrastructure in action.

High-Performance Web Applications

Compared to virtualized clouds, the bare metal cloud has lower latency and higher, more consistent performance. This is especially helpful in delivering a superior website user experience on a budget.

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Machine Learning & Advanced Analytics

The Bigstep Metal Cloud was originally designed for machine learning and advanced purposes, thus it excels at high throughput and 100% CPU utilization types of jobs.

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Latency Sensitive Workloads

Latency matters. A lot. A few milliseconds shaved off each REST request out of a million adds up and can make the difference between a disappointing mobile experience, VOIP call or gaming experience or an excellent one.

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The Bigstep Metal Cloud supports the high demand of Microservices due to the bare metal networking and RAM that provide lower latency than VMs. Performance makes a difference.

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More than Just Infrastructure

Our service provides everything that you need to build modern, automated, scalable and secure infrastructures.

Flexible Bare Metal Servers

Among bare metal clouds, Bigstep is the most flexible: Pay per use, instant upgrades and downgrades, stop and resume.

Flexible L2 VPC

Only Bigstep metal cloud offers a flexible, low latency L2 network. Use broadcast traffic without hindering the ability to build complex network topologies.

Flexible Block Storage

SSD-based, block devices can be removed, re-sized and re-attached to instances at any time from the control panel.

Integrated Container technologies

Our Container Platform makes it easy to build a resilient and scalable web or microservices infrastructure.


Integrated Database Technologies

Clusters of Elasticsearch, Couchbase, Cassandra, MySQL and others are automated, scalable and offered as a service.


Integrated Big Data Technologies

Clusters of Cloudera, MapR, Hortonworks, Splunk are offered to make your life easier while building complex machine learning projects.


Infrastructure Level Management

MManage whole infrastructures across multiple datacenters not individual servers.

Integrated Firewall management

Firewalls on all machines in a cluster are managed from the Bigstep control panel. This saves time and accelerates deployments

Performance and Resilience with Containers on Bare Metal

Bigstep Container Platform

Hundreds of independent workloads? Numerous applications on the same physical hosts? This may be a job for containers. Bare metal cloud performance and low latency overlay free container-to-container network and facilitate a streamlined workflow.

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