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We thrive where everybody
else falters: big machines,
big workloads, low latency,
high throughput,
low cost at scale.

  • High volume web applications
  • Latency sensitive mobile backends
  • Database workloads
  • Large scale data processing workloads
  • High volume and high velocity workloads
  • Machine learning workloads

Key Features

Virtualization free

Bare Metal yields twice the performance of virtualization based infrastructures. At the same time, our compute nodes can be controlled as virtual machines.

Low-latency block storage

Our distributed MicroSAN architecture keep data access local to the rack.

Scalable L2 layer network

Unmatched performance and flexibility; safer and more elastic than on-premises deployment.

Smart automation

One-click upgrading and scaling: the ability to build resilient, adaptable, and high-performance infrastructures.

Drag & Drop Control Panel

Bigstep’s Bare Metal Cloud Control Panel is the most powerful visual editor for creating and managing infrastructures on the market. Watch video.

Proven by Others

Third party benchmark that measures the performance of extracting general linear models for a data set.

MODELS / s37.5Bigstep

Benchmark available on our Resources Page. Learn more

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • But my app runs just fine on AWS. Why should I move to Bigstep?

    Apart from typically halving the costs, we also make it so much easier to work with integrated technologies. We help you scale when you need to, by adding extra nodes and configuring them to work as a cluster.

  • Does Bigstep offer managed services?

    Yes, we offer what we call the “Single Point of Contact” support plan. We will work with the software vendors and solve all your issues. This saves you from the back and forth between the infrastructure vendor and the software vendor when performance issues arise.

  • How do I connect securely to Bigstep Metal Cloud?

    We offer a VPN service that connects to your current infrastructure (such as AWS or on-premises data centers). Bigstep Metal Cloud supports standard ipsec protocols and is fully compatible with most enterprise security standards.

  • What is the latency between Bigstep and my AWS region?

    Typically, we are around 5 to 10ms away.

  • What’s the secret sauce behind Bigstep's 2-5x performance improvement?

    Latency matters a lot in analytics. In virtual clouds, it creeps in, induced by the hypervisor, by the many layers of the virtual network, storage caching techniques, etc. We have removed every element that could introduce latency by using only bare-metal nodes, 4x10Gbps cut-through east-west optimized network, PCI-e attached NVMe storage and distributed SSD-based block storage. We are squeezing every bit of performance out of the hardware without sacrificing flexibility.

  • Will low latency increase my app’s performance?

    Not all workloads require a low-latency setup. It all depends on the latency tolerance of your application.

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