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Leverage the power of fast and scalable IT Infracsturcture with the help of our support team. Choose Bigstep Advanced Managed Services and get up to 50% discount on your bare metal dedicated servers.

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Deploy Quickly. Grow as Needed

Metal Cloud was built by skilled developers for today's businesses.

Scalable Storage

Dynamically increase storage size to meet changing needs.

High Speed Networking

Remove all bottlenecks with up to 4 x 10gbit ethernet connections.

Instant Hardware Upgrades

Upgrade your servers with just a few clicks and minimal downtime.

Speed and Power

Zero virtualization. 100% of systems resources available for applications.

Increased Security

Sharing is nice, but not here. Data is safe on your own single-tenant machine.

Cost Predictability

No scratching your head over unexpected bills. Know upfront what to expect.

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