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Take your next big step with our state-of-the-art bare metal cloud.


Bare Metal as a Service

Create your private, on-demand, instant datacenter-in-a-box

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Multiplex bare-metal machines and run hundreds of workloads

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Hadoop & Spark

We leverage automation to scale Hadoop and Spark on bare metal

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Data Laboratory

Highly integrated data science and data processing on bare metal

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Certain Workloads Simply Run Best on Bare Metal

Used by most cloud providers, virtualization provides benefits in terms of flexibility, but it increases latency and decreases overall application performance. Bigstep provides the same level of flexibility without the need to virtualize. By eliminating the virtualization layer and running directly on bare metal, the performance of most workloads is typically doubled.

Microservices &
Distributed Applications

Build production-ready distributed applications based on Docker.

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Data Processing

Use high-volume and high-velocity data to make smarter decisions.

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Double the performance of your SQL and NoSQL database.

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Analytics as a
Service Platform

Build a scalable data laboratory for an agile business.

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Performance metrics measured by one of our customers running H2O.

Performance Is Key

Automating bare metal is significantly more challenging than facilitating the use of virtual machines (VMs). We do it because it offers unparalleled benefits in terms of performance and price to performance ratio. On bare metal, we are able to push the envelope further than any other cloud to date.

The accelerated bare metal servers, fully isolated wire-speed networks and high-performance storage systems are architected together to deliver all the power you need when you need it.

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Your Infrastructure Needs Agility

IT infrastructures are under increasing pressure to change and adapt quickly and reliably at any time. The Bigstep infrastructure is dynamic, runs on demand and is exceptionally scalable.

Bigstep completely automates infrastructure and software integration, deployment and scaling, configuration and tuning, dependency management, application interconnection and upgrade management.

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Choose to Work with Experts

As your application stack grows in complexity, managing it becomes a challenge. With Bigstep, you can stop dealing with time-consuming operations that don't bring value to your company.

Out-of-the-box Bigstep services such as Database as a Service, Hadoop as a Service, Spark as a Service, and Containers as a Service provide ideal environments for developing production-ready distributed applications. The Bigstep Team will be there 24/7 to provide professional assistance.

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Use the Proper Tools

We abstract away the complexity of established and emerging database and big data technologies. Now more than ever, you can leverage them to keep your business ahead of the curve.

Bigstep seamlessly integrates and ensures the compatibility of an extensive range of applications, delivering best-fit software solutions for real-world scenarios.

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