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Learn From Bigstep & EXASOL How To Start With Big Data In Minutes

Start making big data with no training required

We have teamed up with EXASOL  to discuss how simple it is to make big data analytics with no training for your SQL people.

The webinar highlighted:

• How to start with big data with no training required
• EXASolution on our Full Metal
• How to run BI, reporting and analytics projects quickly, safely and cost-efficiently in a cloud engineered to crunch big data
• Benefit from a highly scalable analytic database, ensuring linear performance whatever the data size
• Get bare metal access to memory for minimum in-memory operations latency

Get all this at the click of a button!
If you would like to test drive the fastest analytic database in the cloud – for free, register here.

The webinare registration will follow soon. For any additional information just leave a comment and we’ll be more than glad to answer.

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