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How Data Analytics & the IoT are Revolutionizing CityManagement

The idea of a municipality using Internet of Things (IoT) devices isn't new. Between red light cameras and smart meters on houses, government agencies… Continue Reading

How Do Your Data Analytics Priorities Stack Up with the Rest?

Data Analytics. Such a short phrase that can mean so much for your organization. Without a solid plan, data analytics will fall short of the hype and… Continue Reading

Do Data Pros Belong in the IT Department or Somewhere Else?

There's no arguing it, big data is here to stay. It's a long-standing management tidbit that you can't manage what you don't measure. Today's systems… Continue Reading

5 Tech Positions Slated for Pay Raises in 2017

Self-driving cars. Supermarkets ditching not only the cashiers, but the self-checkout stations too. It doesn't take long to find a story about job loss… Continue Reading

5 Big Data Products You Need to Toss Out with Your 'Happy 2017" Party Napkins

Over the course of the past few years, big data has evolved from an incomprehensible buzzword to a little-understood but powerful plaything to an essential… Continue Reading

4 Ways You're Going to Succeed with Big Data & Digital Transformation in 2017

Flexibility. Scalability. Agility.These are just a few of the many buzzwords making the rounds on the business and tech blogs to define what it means… Continue Reading

Speed Racers! Comparing the Zippiness of the Top Big Data Tools

Hadoop was the first real entry into the big data race, and though it got somewhat of a slow start, it has emerged as the winning big data infrastructure.… Continue Reading

Hocus Pocus: Is it Data Science, or Is It Magic?

Back in the mid-1990s, IBM built a machine called Deep Blue. Deep Blue awed the world in 1996 by beating the then world chess champ at his own game under… Continue Reading

Is Splice Machine a Viable Option for Your Hadoop SQL Database?

In the grand land of databases, you have the traditional RDBMS (here's lookin' at you, SQL) and an impressive lineup of the sexy, modern NoSQLs (say hey… Continue Reading

Close Enough to Perfect: Making the Case for Hadoop

Hadoop isn't perfect. In fact, it has some significant flaws, not the least of which is its security (though there have been steps recently to partially… Continue Reading

Search: The Big Data Secret That No One's Talking About

Sometimes, when a new technology is introduced, it takes off in unexpected ways. It's easy to get off track and lose focus of what the real intent and… Continue Reading

MongoDB: The Freaky Patchwork Quilt of the Database World

MongoDB is one of dozens of NoSQL databases that are gradually taking over for relational databases as big data enters the world of business. Relational… Continue Reading

Spark Structured Streaming in Practice

Bigstep Solution Architect Andrei Muraru @ the HUG UK & Big Data Analytics London MeetupHow does Spark Structured Streaming work with real-time big… Continue Reading