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5 Essential Tips for the Hadoop Ecosystem You Must Know Before 2017

You sat on the sidelines, anxiously awaiting the play caller's decision. Is big data and data analytics the way to score a touchdown, or is the call still… Continue Reading

Debunking 3 Myths About the Data Lake

Whether your organization is just dipping your feet in the pond of big data or dunk all the way in for a swim there regularly, someone at some point has… Continue Reading

5 Exciting Trends Reshaping the Universe of Data Storage Right Now

For a very long time, the wide world of data storage was, well, a bit stagnant. Yes, storage costs came down over time, as capacity and supply increased,… Continue Reading

4 Things to Look for When Choosing Your Data Lake Vendor

In the beginning was the database, and the database was good. It stored all of the transactional data and powered your users and applications quite nicely.… Continue Reading

What Goes Into Designing a Successful Data Lake?

Data lakes are a relatively new concept. Data lakes are the solution to data silos, where data gets locked away and becomes inaccessible to other systems,… Continue Reading

4 Big Goofs to Avoid When Creating Your Data Lake

If you're in the position of managing organizational data, you've probably heard about the concept of data lakes. While data lakes are marked by their… Continue Reading

Is Your Data Lake an Episode of Hoarders: Buried Alive?

Limited offer! Discover the first Full Metal Data Lake as a Service in the world. Get 1TB free for life - limited to 100 applicants. Start here.Have you… Continue Reading

5 Best Practices to Assure Your Data Lake is Swimmingly Successful

As big data becomes a mainstay in the business, many organizations are abandoning the data warehouse for data lakes. With a data lake, you don't have… Continue Reading

Is a Data Lake the Better Solution to Your Data Warehousing Issues?

The good old data warehouse has serviced business admirably for decades. Generally structured as a relational database, it is the go-to data resource… Continue Reading

Full Metal Data Lake - The First Data Lake as a Service in The World

The Full Metal Data Lake is hereWe are pleased to annouce the first Data-Lake-as-a-Service in the world! Bigstep's Full Metal Data Lake  is the easiest,… Continue Reading

Get Your Enterprise (NCC-1701D) Ready for Data Lake

Say you’re Captain Picard. Your company is your flagship. Your Enterprise. With the right strategy, your ship can take you anywhere. But it must run flawlessly.… Continue Reading