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The Current State of Artificial Intelligence - Infographic

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a broad term that defines any machine capable of performing human functions. The forms of AI that we encounter today are… Continue Reading

What is Big Data? - Infographic

The BIG in big data stands for doing things big, but also about doing big things. Our brains are very good at spotting patterns, di­fferences, and… Continue Reading

Big Data and the Long Tail

The Pareto Rule has yielded the floor to The Long Tail of Big Data.Big data has emerged as the latest and greatest of tools for marketers seeking to leverage… Continue Reading

Drowning in Data? Machine Learning Can Navigate the IoT

Will machine learning tame big data?The promise of big data is that it can be leveraged for big solutions across any industry. But Internet-connected… Continue Reading

Using Big Data to Create Big Change: How Nonprofits Can Leverage Data

Non-profits need big data to be more effective.From the financial to the pharmaceutical, industries are leveraging big data to make a bigger impact. But… Continue Reading

Big-Data-As-A-Service (BDaaS): Sparking the Next Big Data Evolution

BDaaS allows enterprise organizations to simplify deployment in the cloud.2017 may finally be the year for Big Data as a Service (BDaaS). Businesses have… Continue Reading

Without Data Visualization, Big Data is Just a Big Mess

Sometimes you have to see it to believe it. In the world of big data, sometimes you have to see it to understand it. True data insight comes from turning… Continue Reading

New Social Network Popular Among Consumers Wary of Big Data

People just want to be seen and heard. That's the human inclination that Facebook so brilliantly capitalized upon. But while you've been busy finding… Continue Reading

Ireland Ripe for Big Investments in Big Data

Investors are eyeing Ireland's promise as a big data hubPass me another Guinness and let me tell you a story of Ireland. Out of the lushly greening carpet… Continue Reading

How Big Data is Making Itself Essential to Insurance Companies

Big data puts a whole new spin on insurance analyticsInsurance companies have been collecting data on their clients for years. Actuarial accountants use… Continue Reading

Could Big Data Spell the End of Animal Testing in Biomedical Research?

Is there an alternative to invasive animal testing?The use of animals in biomedical, cosmetic, and military research affects 100 million dogs, cats, rabbits,… Continue Reading

Big Data Reveals New Pools of Untapped Luxury Buyers for Marketers to Target

Emerging markets represent a significant financial boon for many industries.Capitalizing on new and emerging markets for product sales could be the next… Continue Reading