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Update: AWS DocumentDB vs. MongoDB on Bigstep Metal Cloud

Post Update: video recording of the benchmarking webinar hosted on March 14th, by Bigstep's Solution Architect, Cosmin Pintoiu.  At the beginning… Continue Reading

How Can Big Data Improve Your Email Marketing

It can be devastating to think that only 25% of businesses are properly using their data. These are all missed opportunities. Proper use of data can improve… Continue Reading

Why Move to a Bare-Metal Cloud Infrastructure

In the 1960s computers were expensive, and not easily affordable even by companies. The concept of multitenancy started with time-sharing, which allowed… Continue Reading

The Benefits of Being a Data-Driven Company

Data-driven companies are 23 times more likely to find new customers. As with previous technological advances, not embracing it in time is a risk - the… Continue Reading

Intel CPU Flaws & Bare Metal - Is Single Tenancy the Answer?

As many of you may have found out, two huge security vulnerabilities in Intel CPUs were found by security researchers. They were dubbed Meltdown and Spectre,… Continue Reading

Smooth Run of Operations for Our Retailer Customers on Black Friday

Black Friday is the hottest day of the year for any retailer. Traffic and demand increases exponentially, and peaks in traffic are as high as you can… Continue Reading

Spark Structured Streaming in Practice

Bigstep Solution Architect Andrei Muraru @ the HUG UK & Big Data Analytics London MeetupHow does Spark Structured Streaming work with real-time big… Continue Reading

Building Data Lakes in the Cloud

Understand why building a data lake in the cloud entails different particularities than building it on premisesEvery industry has both proven and potential… Continue Reading

A Business User’s Guide to Big Data on Hadoop

This webcast will give an overview of deploying Hadoop within the organization as a strategic initiative for business advantage. Rather than viewing distributed… Continue Reading

The Internet of Things: Is Your Business Prepared?

The term Internet of Things, or IoT, has circulated for a while now. Most people consider it just a buzzword, but the reality is that it is here and here… Continue Reading


We’ve recently worked on a case study with HP for their line of ProLiant Gen9 servers. In our testing, we found up to 40% improvements… Continue Reading

How Does a Green Data Center Achieve Efficiency?

Green data centers are more than just a buzzword. Since data centers now consume twice the amount of power it takes to power all the households in New… Continue Reading