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New Social Network Popular Among Consumers Wary of Big Data

People just want to be seen and heard. That’s the human inclination that Facebook so brilliantly capitalized upon. But while you’ve been busy finding your voice and shouting your opinions to the world, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms have been capturing some big data on your activities. As a result, many people limit or refuse to share, due to fears over how that information will be used. Social data can limit job prospects or raise your insurance premiums. But now there’s a new app called Vero that swears it doesn’t want your data, just your thoughts.

Keep the Data - We Don’t Need It

Human interactions are individualized; there are some things you just don’t talk about with certain people, like your Mom or your boss. That’s a real drawback for the majority of social media sites. If you friend someone on Facebook, they’re lumped in with everyone else, which may - or may not be okay.

Many people would suggest there is a bigger drawback to social media, which includes all the data they’re capturing on your personal preference and activities. The algorithms on Facebook are a lot like Big Brother; they are always watching, and collating a big data cloud with your name on it. That can be a little disconcerting, not to mention problematic the next time you’re on a job hunt. Is the solution to avoid social media altogether?

There may be another option. Vero is a social media app that says it doesn’t want your data. That’s pretty eye-catching in the world of cloud performance monitoring. Vero was built for the anti-social media user, allowing anyone to run the app in complete privacy without the fear of a pesky algorithm being keyed. Vero says it will allow people the freedom to post private content and keep it that way.

Vero may get the big thumbs up from privacy advocates.

What Kind of Friend Are You?

Vero lets you segment your friendships by close friends, friends or acquaintances, which you might find very appealing the next time your boss tries an awkward social media link up. Vero features peer reviews of food, movies, music, and more, and allows you to post photos just like any other social site. The difference is the lack of data collection, which is unparalleled in an era of big data apps.

Tech Crunch reports that Vero intends to also stay ad free, instead planning to monetize the platform through subscriptions. If this promise holds true, then Vero will avoid some of the sticky “fake news” ad complaints that Facebook’s Zuckerberg had to counteract last year. Vero advertisers can post content on the site but must be opted in by the users themselves.

In an era of big data, Vero does seem to be a social media disruptor. By eschewing the generally accepted practice of data collection and allowing the segmentation by type of relationship, this new app may live up to its claims of being the most natural site in the world for replicating true human interaction in a digital format.

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