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Bigstep provides both on-demand hourly pricing with no commitment, as well as monthly pricing with an annual commitment.

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Bare Metal Cloud Configurations

Most of our services rely on the following bare metal resources:

Storage Options

Our unique storage architecture uses many, independent, small block device pools distributed across the network, connected in the top of rack switches for maximum performance and minimum latency.


SSD-backed block storage service, built on top of our state of the art distributed storage.

  • Protocols: iSCSI
  • Exp. Performance: 100 IOPs/GB
  • Price per GB allocated: £0.08/GB/mo


Spindle disk-backed block storage service, built for a good capacity-to-performance ratio.

  • Protocols: iSCSI
  • Exp. Performance: 10Gbs per drive
  • Price per GB allocated: £0.04/GB/mo


Affordable, scale-out distributed file system built for capacity. It powers our DataLab.

  • Protocols: HTTP, HDFS, FUSE
  • Exp. Performance: 1Gbs
  • Price per GB used: £0.04/GB/mo

Bigstep Container Service

Bigstep Container Service uses containers to multiplex single-tenant bare metal machines in order to run hundreds of independent workloads and applications on the same physical hosts.

The container service is free of charge, only the underlying physical resources are billed. Also, each node has two additional Solid Storage volumes:
1. OS volume: 40G (fixed)
2. Docker LVM volume for storing images and sandbox directories. 100GB (customizable)

Additional volumes such as the Shared Volume can be used with containers which is subject to the above storage pricing. Please reserve at least 1GB of RAM for the OS.


To get you started with microservices. Can be used as a dev platform.

  • Node type: 20.64
  • Number of nodes: 1
  • Total cores: 20
  • Total memory: 64 GB RAM
  • Solid Storage allocated: 140 GB
  • Price: £ 312/mo


The minimum container platform that you can use in production.

  • Node type: 20.64
  • Number of nodes: 3
  • Total cores: 60
  • Total memory: 192 GB RAM
  • Solid Storage allocated: 420 GB
  • Price: £ 936/mo


This setup powers a scale-out microservices platform with a lot of RAM and CPU cores.

  • Node type: 20.64
  • Number of nodes: 8
  • Total cores: 160
  • Total memory: 512 GB RAM
  • Solid Storage allocated: 1.1 TB
  • Price: £ 2496/mo

Network & Connectivity

Bigstep charges for traffic and for the IP space allocated.


  • Inbound traffic: £0/GB/mo (free)
  • Outbound traffic: £0.5/GB/mo
  • The same pricing applies to DataLake traffic.
  • There is no charge for block storage traffic.


  • Routable IP Address £2.13/mo/address
    Note: IPs are allocated in contiguous blocks of subnets and not individual ips (eg:/30, /29, /28, /27)

Managed & Proffessional Services

Our managed and consultancy services are tailor-made for each unique project, so standardized pricing would be highly impractical. However, here are a few guidelines regarding the kind of services we offer and how we charge for them:


  • This service gives you the piece of mind that a single company deals with everything especially 3rd party vendor escalation. It is designed for complex Big Data solutions.
  • Pricing is per node per month with an yearly contract. This is in addition to any vendor licenses you might purchase for speedier response e.g. Cloudera CDH or MapR.


  • Managed Services for web applications stacks.
  • Pricing is per node per month with an yearly contract.

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