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The Human Touch: Why Big Data Isn't Just About the Technology

The Machine Age has given way to the Information Age, but many are calling this the Second Machine Age, since the information we possess is far beyond… Continue Reading

Why Spark Isn't Going to Dethrone Hadoop Anytime Soon

Once upon a time, Yahoo! needed a way to scale out storage, along with the ability to parallelize tasks, without emptying the king's coffers. The king's… Continue Reading

What Separates a Successful Data Lake from an Unsuccessful One?

The data lake is a relative newcomer to the land of data storage, but it's rapidly making a name for itself for several reasons. Data lakes are ideal… Continue Reading

What is the Difference Between Virtualization and the Private Cloud?

If you read the statistics, use of the private cloud infrastructure is on the rise. In fact, some years it has doubled year over year. Some resources… Continue Reading

Bigstep Launches First to Market Data Lake as a Service

Now Part of Bigstep’s Full Metal Cloud, Designed for Big DataDecember 15, 2015 07:21 AM Eastern Standard TimeLONDON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Today big… Continue Reading

5 Incredible Ways to Use Your Hadoop-Based Data Lake

When a new concept comes along, the first thing it has to prove to the marketplace is why it is a valuable thing and what it has to offer that previous… Continue Reading

5 Disruptive Trends That Will Shape Big Data, Hadoop, and Cloud Storage in 2016

The tinsel is hung, Cyber Monday has come and gone, and hopefully you've decided whom to lure under the mistletoe. Instead of sneaking a peek at the gifts… Continue Reading

What Goes Into Designing a Successful Data Lake?

Data lakes are a relatively new concept. Data lakes are the solution to data silos, where data gets locked away and becomes inaccessible to other systems,… Continue Reading

4 Big Goofs to Avoid When Creating Your Data Lake

If you're in the position of managing organizational data, you've probably heard about the concept of data lakes. While data lakes are marked by their… Continue Reading

Embracing Cloud? NoSQL Might be Your Ticket to the Skies

To read the blogs and news posts, you would assume that all businesses have already successfully migrated to the cloud, and if yours has not you are behind… Continue Reading

The Cloud Isn't the Only Reason You Need NoSQL

Many organizations take on NoSQL in order to move workloads to the cloud. However, there are many other reasons to consider delving into NoSQL. It is… Continue Reading

Data Breaches are Now Commonplace: How Can You Keep Safe?

The year 2014 was dubbed 'the year of the data breach', but it looks like 2015 will meet or surpass it in terms of the numbers, sizes, and severity of… Continue Reading

Tackling Big Data – Choosing the option that works for you

This article is written by Felix Crisan – CTO @ Netopia, payment processor and developer of mobilPay wallet. It first appeared  on Big Data Week's blog,… Continue Reading