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Six Reasons Why Bigstep’s Bare Metal Cloud Is the Better Choice

Deciding to move the data and data-driven projects of an entire organization into the cloud might feel like a leap of faith, but we have come to know that it is an essential step for any company that wishes to remain competitive in the digital era. Performance, security, service, software integration, cost-efficiency, accessibility, versatility, ease of use – these are all qualities that you juggle with in the quest for a best-fit cloud experience.
Bigstep has designed and built its cloud platform and services with a set of principles in mind. Among them is the fact that businesses, like human beings, prefer to be treated and cared for individually whenever specific requirements arise, rather than to be tossed into a cloud bucket, sharing resources on the virtualized infrastructure of a big-name cloud provider.
Here are six reasons why Bigstep Metal Cloud should be on the top of your list when searching for a cloud provider that best fits your needs.

Why should I move to Bigstep if my app runs just fine on, say, AWS?

Cost efficiency and scalability. Apart from typically halving the costs, Bigstep Metal Cloud also makes it easier for you to experiment and work with big data technologies, thanks to seamlessly pre-integrated applications and a single-pane-of-glass infrastructure editor. You can scale up when you need to, by adding extra nodes and configuring them to work as a cluster, and you can receive assistance at every step.

Does Bigstep offer managed services?

Yes, Bigstep offers a “Single Point of Contact” support plan. Team Bigstep will work with the software vendors and actively smooth out integration and licensing issues. The support program saves you from the painstaking and time-consuming back and forth between infrastructure and software vendors, whenever issues arise.

What is the security protocol when connecting to Bigstep Metal Cloud?

Bigstep provides a VPN service that will connect to your current infrastructure (be it on AWS or your private data center). Bigstep Metal Cloud supports standard IPsec protocols and is fully compatible with most enterprise security standards.

What is the latency between Bigstep Metal Cloud and my AWS region?

Typically, Bigstep is 5 to 10 milliseconds away.

What’s the secret behind Bigstep’s 2-5x performance increase?

Latency matters a lot in analytics. In virtualized cloud environments, it creeps in, induced by the hypervisor and by the many layers of virtual network, by storage caching techniques, and more. Bigstep has removed every element that could introduce latency by using only bare-metal nodes, 4x10Gbps cut-through networks, PCI-e attached NVMe storage and distributed SSD-based block storage. We are squeezing every bit of performance out of the hardware, without sacrificing flexibility.

Is low latency the key to increasing the performance of my app?

You need to keep in mind that not all workloads require a low-latency setup. Performance increases also depend on the latency tolerance of your application. However, the lower the latency, the faster you can iterate, test your app and improve it. What is key is to gain the flexibility, security, and performance required by your data-driven projects.

So, what next?

To start with, you can try Bigstep’s on-demand solutions with an hourly/no commitment pricing plan. Bigstep Metal Cloud is purpose-built to save businesses a lot of time and resources, so treat yourself to a cloud experience that is as straightforward, as flexible, and as powerful as possible.

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