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Bigstep Metal Cloud vs AWS

AWS warrants no introduction. The question we always get when we talk about our services is why should someone go with Bigstep rather than AWS? The answer is typically "it depends". The Metal Cloud is not for everyone and everything. It has some specific use cases where we shine and others where we don't. We've put together a side-by-side comparison to make it easy to make a decision.

 Bigstep Metal CloudAWS
Bare metal
no (with the exception of a few very large machines such as i3.metal which has 72 cores and 512 GB of RAM)
Minimum instance size
8 cores 32 GB RAM
1 core 0.5 GB RAM
Self Service
Provisioning time
300 seconds
100-300 seconds
OS volume
via virtual block device
Additional storage volumes
iscsi block devices
EBS via virtual block device
Yes (per second)
Yes (per second)
Migration-less upgrade support
Yes (with restart)
Yes (instance resizing, with some restrictions)
Stop and resume support
Service network config.
Yes (L2 & L3)
Yes (L3 only)
L2 technology
Private LAN support
Yes (VPC)
API enabled
Yes (only as HTTP(S), SSl termination)
BGP support
Yes (custom)
Yes (native)
Shared filesystem support
Yes (via GFS - Bigstep SharedDrive)
Yes (via NFSv4 - AWS EFS)
Database as a Service
Couchbase, Cassandra, Exasol, 
PostgreSQL, MySQL (Percona), 
RDS, Redshift, 
Aurora, DynamoDB,
Timestream, Neptune
Hadoop & Spark as a Service
Cloudera, MapR, Hortonworks, Mesos
Data Science Tools
Native container platform
Yes (Bigstep Container Platform)


Container Apps
Apache Spark, Streamsets, 
Apache Kafka, Zoomdata, Jupyter
Object Storage
Yes (Bigstep DataLake service)
Yes (S3)
Serverless services
Amazon Lambda, Step Function, Glue etc.
Other services

Why choose Bigstep?

Single tenant, bare metal instances
at no extra cost

There is very little you cannot do with AWS. Our primary advantage comes from the performance and stability improvement that bare metal brings to the table. You can get single tenant servers in AWS but at a premium price and you will still have the virtualization layer. 

2x the compute performance

The typical performance improvement you should expect is 2x but it depends on the kind of workload you have. A customer found 20x improvement for deep learning model training.

6x faster network

The network latency is 6x lower in Bigstep than in AWS so microservices  on Kubernetes will run faster in Bigstep than AWS. See this benchmark.

No lock-in with 
Databases as a Service

There is also a lot less lock-in with Bigstep. All of the additional services we offer such as Databases as a Service are standard off-the-shelf technologies that you can deploy anywhere.

Why choose AWS?

Serverless services

We would highlight the serverless services. With AWS Lambda you can breakdown an app and run it's functions independently in an autoscalable environment. This eliminates the need for infrastructure management and OS management and offers a truly no-ops experience to developers. 

Many others...

AWS has a service for everything.


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