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Data at Rest, Data in Motion: How We Use Encryption

From chats to e-mails, encryption is a hot topic as people want to be able to send, receive, and store data as securely as possible. When we go on to… Continue Reading

Join Us at GoTech World 2021 Online Conference

This year marks the 10th anniversary of GoTech World Online Conference, and gathers top speakers and a global audience in a two-day event on November… Continue Reading

[People of Bigstep] George Bunea – “I treat any unexpected situation with calm and composure”

George, Business Development at Bigstep, joined us this year with incredible energy and positivity. He is oftentimes the first person our new clients… Continue Reading

Testing ELevate (new CentOS upgrade tool) on Bigstep Metal Cloud

The developers of the AlmaLinux project have recently released a CentOS upgrade tool, named ELevate, that allows upgrades between RHEL-based distributions… Continue Reading

Healthcare Database Management On Bare Metal Dedicated Servers

A strong healthcare data management plan is needed when dealing with people’s sensitive medical data. This plan means everything from the infrastructure,… Continue Reading

Bigstep x BDW: Big Data Week’s First Hybrid Conference

After a successful online event last year, Big Data Week returns for 2021 in a hybrid form. Bigstep is proud to be presenting partner at BDW for another… Continue Reading

Bigstep Metal Cloud FAQ: What You Need to Know

A bare metal server is at its core a dedicated server just that it has a few plus-features that can usually be found in the cloud, such as flexibility… Continue Reading

WordPress Toolkit Deluxe Now Free With Bigstep WHM Servers

Starting this month, WordPress Toolkit Deluxe will be available on all Bigstep servers with WHM, at no additional cost. This tool greatly simplifies the… Continue Reading

Advertising Agencies: How Is Your Hosting Going?

You’re an advertising agency. The marketing director of a huge potential client, let’s say the local representative of a well-renowned company, or a startup… Continue Reading

[People of Bigstep] Ionut Badea – “Servers are built after the human model”

What is his favorite operating system, what does Ionut do when a customer asks an unexpected question, and how would he explain what a server is to a… Continue Reading

Go Green: How to Optimize Server Power Usage with PowerTOP

Data centers are the backbone of the Internet and the online world. Since the pandemic has forced most people to work from home, the demand for digital… Continue Reading

Insurance Companies: What If You Leaked All Your Clients’ Data?

Stories of data breaches and data loss are becoming more common along with the exponential move to the cloud. But why? There can be multiple reasons,… Continue Reading

Sysadmin Day: “Have you tried turning it off and on again?”

July 30. You just launched the long-awaited sales campaign for your online store and things go as planned. Well, almost as planned. Today, all sysadmins… Continue Reading