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WordPress Toolkit Deluxe Now Free With Bigstep WHM Servers

Starting this month, WordPress Toolkit Deluxe will be available on all Bigstep servers with WHM, at no additional cost. This tool greatly simplifies the management of WordPress sites and allows even users with no technical knowledge to perform complex tasks directly from their cPanel account. Let’s see what WordPress Toolkit is, how can it help your business, and what are the differences between the Lite and Deluxe versions.

What is WordPress Toolkit?

WordPress is by far the most popular content management platform and cPanel used to include WordPress Manager, a simple tool that made installation easy but did not have any advanced features.

WordPress Toolkit, which was developed initially by Plesk, has replaced the old tool starting with WHM & cPanel version 92. WordPress Toolkit introduced many advanced management options and came in two versions: the free WordPress Toolkit Lite and the premium WordPress Toolkit Deluxe, which required a paid license.

WordPress Toolkit Lite vs. WordPress Toolkit Deluxe

Even the free WordPress Toolkit Lite offers many advanced tools that were not found in the old WordPress Manager.

It allows for example the customization of new installations, a single interface for the administration of all WordPress sites, the option to login to the admin dashboard of any site with a single click, plugin and theme management, automatic security tweaks, single site automatic updates and many other useful features.

On top of that, the Deluxe version provides powerful additional tools that are especially useful for developers or administrators who manage many sites.

WordPress Toolkit Deluxe Features

Here are some of the most useful features that will be available for free in WordPress Toolkit on all Bigstep servers with WHM/cPanel:

  • Site Cloning – any WordPress site can be cloned with a single click. Files and databases are copied automatically, configuration files are updated, and the new site can be quickly accessed on a subdomain. This is very useful for testing any modifications, without affecting a production website.

  • Site Staging – while the cloning feature is great for testing, the changes can now be applied quickly in production. The Copy Data tool can copy parts of a staging site to a production one in just a few minutes. What used to be a complex and risky process can now be accomplished with a few clicks in the WP Toolkit interface.

  • Smart Updates – if you just need to test updates to themes or plugins, there is no need to do that on a staging site. The Smart Updates feature automatically creates a clone, installs the updates, runs a series of tests, and allows you to see how the site will look after the updates. If everything is in order, it then deletes the clone and applies the selected updates on the production site.
  • Apply Changes in Bulk – the Deluxe version allows changes to be applied to multiple sites at the same time. You can for example perform updates, change security settings, or install plugins.
  • Security Rollbacks – WordPress Toolkit can apply several tweaks that greatly harden the security of your sites. However, if any of these changes break the functionality of a site, they can be rolled back with a single click.

These are just some of the new features that will be available for free in WordPress Toolkit Deluxe on all our servers with WHM. Have fun discovering the others but feel free to contact us for any questions, and our system administrators will be happy to assist.

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