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The Case for Big Data Deontology

The recent Cambridge Analytica scandal shows us how critical access to data nowadays really is. By all indications, the voters’ own answers to a… Continue Reading

GDPR and Big Data in the Cloud

Many of our customers have asked about how will GDPR affect our commercial or technical relationship. Since we host a lot of “personal data”… Continue Reading

The Operating System is Dead

As an infrastructure provider we have been involved in maintaining and running hundreds of thousands of operating system installations over the years.… Continue Reading

How To Benchmark NoSQL Databases

People make wrong design decisions all the time. Typical developers are under immense pressure to meet a deadline and they very often just take gut decisions… Continue Reading

How to use Docker on Full Metal

Let's be honest: Docker loves bare metal. Running Docker inside a VM (which is the only option with almost all public clouds) is simply a waste of time and… Continue Reading

NoSQL Performance Benchmarks Series: Couchbase

This is the first of a series of performance benchmarks on NoSQL DBs that we plan to share with you. Our goal is to understand the various scaling… Continue Reading

press_release James Staten's Blog

James Staten’s Blog Vice President, Principal Analyst Serving Infrastructure & Operations Professionals Forrester Research October 14, 2013… Continue Reading

press_release Alison Coleman

Alison Coleman Journalist at Forbes March 27, 2014 “Launched last year, Bigstep is an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) that offers an incredibly… Continue Reading

Big Data as a Service

What is Big Data after all?The term for Big Data is an umbrella term. It can have lots of meanings, just like the term Cloud has. In our opinion, there… Continue Reading

Big Data - Use it!

Why you need data?It’s popular, it’s in the now. It’s already in the dictionary. But, there’s only one thing that makes the difference: how to use Big… Continue Reading

Hosting market segmentation – What’s the story? (I)

The hosting market offers us surprises along the way. Its structure is changing as the web changes, but as any market, it does have some consistent characteristics… Continue Reading