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Reacting Faster in Retail with Real-Time Big Data

Consider the following scenario: You are a supermarket store manager. Popcorn, pretzels, and the like seem to be suddenly disappearing from your shelves,… Continue Reading

When Data "Goes Dark"

What data is housed in the paper lying around your office? Paper documents, photos, video, or other corporate holdings are the next incremental step in… Continue Reading

5 Big Data Lessons to Learn from the Middle Eastern Refugee Crisis

Not since the second world war have nations been so pressed to accommodate such an overwhelming influx of refugees. Pouring in from war-torn, impoverished,… Continue Reading

Big Data Goes Wild! How Big Data is Making a Big Difference to Wildlife

Big data can help business in many ways: improving everything from marketing to production to research and development. It's also proven invaluable to… Continue Reading

When Data Meets Philosophy

When it comes to big data, philosophy is a bit overwhelmed. Attitudes vary tremendously. Some people fear it, others see it as necessary (but distrust… Continue Reading

Music + Big Data = Music Science

Music and statistics have gone hand in hand since the beginning of radio. But lately digitization, the decline of analog devices and the rise of analytics… Continue Reading

Can Big Data Take the Guesswork Out of Identifying Successful Startups?

For every ten businesses started, nine will fail. The failure rate fluctuates by industry, with nearly 60 percent of real estate businesses hanging on… Continue Reading

Big Data In Science

A retail store needs big data to track its merchandise. Another company leverages¬†big data in order to streamline its manufacturing process, or looks… Continue Reading

Robots to Judge and Hire Us

The New York Times says artificial intelligence can hire people and do a pretty good job at it. The Wall Street Journal says the same. Some are not convinced.… Continue Reading

Big Data is Here to Entertain You

What do comedian Aziz Ansari and Mark Zuckerberg have in common? They both understand the power of big data.  Continue Reading

The Rise of the Storytelling Machines

In 1965, Stanislaw Lem imagined in his science fiction book Cyberiad a machine that could write stories and poems. In 2015, we can confidently forget about… Continue Reading

5 Unexpected Ways to Use Big Data

People are already using Big Data in ways that nobody could have predicted only a few years ago. Here are some of the most unexpected examples.The algorithms… Continue Reading