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Bigstep Metal Cloud Recognized for Premium Hosting Services

We are excited to announce that FinancesOnline, the online review platform for top B2B solutions, has reviewed and listed Bigstep in the top 200 Hosting Services products, with a Premium Usability Award.

In assessing Bigstep, the FinancesOnline review team states that "users receive single tenant, on - demand environments capable of handling high-traffic websites, IoT & mobile backends, architectures for micro-services, and big data among others.” Our bare metal servers can be expanded, controlled, and managed just like virtualized clouds, but without compromising performance or privacy.

FinancesOnline's software expert team reviewed and compared Bigstep against its competitors, taking into account the following features:

  • Enterprise-grade security solutions that protect critical information
  • Setting up infrastructures or big data projects within minutes
  • Designed purposely for performance and big data applications
  • Quick and simple automated provisioning and scaling
  • Consistent and extremely reliable high-performance environment
  • Pay per use model (per second or monthly)
  • Powerful I/O all-SSD storage
  • ISO Certifications: ISO/IEC 20000, ISO/IEC 27001, ISO/IEC 27017, ISO/IEC 27018, ISO/IEC 9001

These positive remarks from the FinancesOnline review team assert why Bigstep is trusted by leading enterprises today. Uncompromised performance and security is more important than ever in this day and age, with web hosting statistics in 2019 emphasizing the impact of load delays to page views and conversion rates as well as the rampancy of cybercrimes against SMBs. Bigstep addresses these problems, and more.

Go to FinancesOnline to read the full review on Bigstep Metal Cloud and feel free to post your own!

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