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New Social Network Popular Among Consumers Wary of Big Data

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Ireland Ripe for Big Investments in Big Data

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How Big Data is Making Itself Essential to Insurance Companies

Big data puts a whole new spin on insurance analyticsInsurance companies have been collecting data on their clients for years. Actuarial accountants use… Continue Reading

Could Big Data Spell the End of Animal Testing in Biomedical Research?

Is there an alternative to invasive animal testing?The use of animals in biomedical, cosmetic, and military research affects 100 million dogs, cats, rabbits,… Continue Reading

Big Data Reveals New Pools of Untapped Luxury Buyers for Marketers to Target

Emerging markets represent a significant financial boon for many industries.Capitalizing on new and emerging markets for product sales could be the next… Continue Reading

How Big Data Could Pave the Way for Millennials to Get a Credit Score Without Having Credit

Many Millennials were just kids when the American economy went belly up in the 90s. The blowback after the housing market crash changed the established… Continue Reading

New Study Shows Cloud Computing Enables 92% of Big Data & the IoT

Cisco just released their service provider forecast predicting some potentially controversial benchmarks for 2020:--92% of big data traffic will be cloud-based.--74%… Continue Reading

3 Things You Probably Won't Like About 2017

Experts are predicting jobs and tech spending is on the upswing.The New Year always brings personal resolutions. This optimism is spilling into the business… Continue Reading

Three Ways You're Getting It All Wrong With Big Data

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3 Questions to Guide You to Success in Digital Transformation

"Everything changes and nothing stands still." (Heraclitus)In today's big data app economy, nothing could be truer. From cloud to mobile, the data companies… Continue Reading

Securing Big Data is Like Dressing for Winter: Best Done in Layers

Once upon a time there was a company that put a Cisco firewall on their new, always-on Internet connection. With this move their security was in place,… Continue Reading

How Data Analytics & the IoT are Revolutionizing CityManagement

The idea of a municipality using Internet of Things (IoT) devices isn't new. Between red light cameras and smart meters on houses, government agencies… Continue Reading