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Sysadmin Day: “Have you tried turning it off and on again?”

July 30. You just launched the long-awaited sales campaign for your online store and things go as planned. Well, almost as planned. Today, all sysadmins are off partying for Sysadmin Day. They deserve it after a full year of configuring servers, solving issues, being on-call 24/7, and constantly monitoring. But where does that leave you and your business? There is one solution though: the real party for our sysadmins is the opportunity to help you grow.

The E-commerce Drama of Sales Campaigns

You just launched your online campaign. People start to notice.

1 visitor… 2 visitors… 3… 4… Wow, 1000!

Your campaign is a success! Everyone’s happy and dancing remotely, at home.

But there’s a small issue. Your website starts loading like its 1995.

And soon enough, it’s completely down.

Your clients are losing it when their shopping cart is crashing, and the complaints are flooding the internet. The more traffic you get, the worse things are going.

Instead of attracting new customers and increasing your revenue you’re on the verge of an image crisis. You start losing clients and money because your website failed to rise to the occasion.

“Your website is not working!!!!”

“I can’t buy anything”

“Checkout doesn’t work, solve this!”

“I think it took my money but the confirmation page isn’t loading…”

“Your website sucks.”

Why is this happening to you? The answer is simple.

Your Server Couldn’t Handle That Much Traffic!

The very thing you wanted, a lot of customers, is now becoming a problem instead of a reason for celebration. What can you do now? Today is Sysadmin Day and all sysadmins are off enjoying a beer and discussing that one time when somebody tripped over a cable in the data center.

When you think all is lost, an opportunity arises.

Bigstep Sysadmins to the Rescue – Even on Sysadmin Day!

There’s still someone working. And that someone is working at Bigstep. Our sysadmins work 24/7 to ensure your server is never down. To ensure you never lose any revenue. Bigstep’s team of sysadmins is always ready to step in and save your business.

After they do their magic, your server is up again, configurations are tweaked, your database works seamlessly, there’s another server ready to take over in case of high traffic, and the resources are now adjusted! That’s called scalability!

Now all your customers are happily clearing your virtual racks and your business continues to grow.

Never Take Chances

You think that’s never going to happen to your website? Do you really want to gamble and see if your server is going to crush right in the middle of a major sales campaign that you’ve closely planned and budgeted for more than six months?

A sales campaign on an ecommerce website should never be looked at lightly, and you should never gamble with your brand’s image and potential revenue. Next time you plan a big campaign that involves lots of traffic, try consulting with us and get one of our awesome managed service packages that will prevent this disaster from ever happening!

And if you choose bare metal dedicated servers, you’ll have your server’s performance, speed, and scalability all for your online store to use: no noisy neighbours, no hypervisor, no problem.

We appreciate our sysadmins. You will too. Your sales campaign needs a Bigstep sysadmin superhero!

Happy Sysadmin Day!

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