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[People of Bigstep] Ionut Badea – “Servers are built after the human model”

What is his favorite operating system, what does Ionut do when a customer asks an unexpected question, and how would he explain what a server is to a non-technical person? Find out all these and more from our latest People of Bigstep interview.

Hi Ionut, please tell us a few words about yourself.

I am 32 years old, I am not sure if the psychological age is close to this number. I like to work, sometimes improving my physical condition at the same time. (I don't always choose the simplest solution) I always try to understand how things work and I pay attention to details, so the Faculty of Electronics at the Polytechnic and the courses I took later helped me with many answers. I noticed that the more you read, the more you can perceive in more detail what surrounds us.

What’s your position within the company and how does your work day look like?

I am a Level 2 Technical Support Consultant and I usually start work a little earlier than my colleagues, this way we offer support for as long as possible. I work closely with colleagues from the L1 team, as the bridge between L1 and L2, providing their guidance on solving complex situations, or by answering clients directly. In addition, we are responsible for certain segments of the internal infrastructure and we work on various projects that improve the platforms and systems used.

Which area of system administration attracts you the most?

I really like what I'm doing now - I often need to do a bit of research to solve a situation or look for a solution applied in the past. I will continue to focus on learning as much as possible to grow in the system administration area, but at the same time, I also want to improve my programming and networking knowledge.

What do you do when a customer asks you an unexpected question?

I smile :) and give an unexpected answer… I learned a lot from my managers in customer experience and support, so I pay attention to every detail when situations are delicate. These things help me a lot even outside of business hours, in situations when I am also a client.

Can you tell us what differentiates Bigstep Metal Cloud from similar products on the market?

The support team :) and the support that we offer, which is like no other. Our product combines the performance of a dedicated server and the scalability of the cloud environment in the same package - it is innovative, impressive, even difficult to understand (and to accept) by some customers.

How would you explain what a server is to a non-technical person?

Computers and servers are built after the human model: they have RAM / we have memory; they have a processor / we have the brain; they have storage / we have memories; they need some form of energy to function and they need to be interconnected to be efficient , profitable, to function properly / just like us. Keeping the human / computer analogy I would say that a server is like a very well developed human being.

What’s your favorite operating system and why?

I recently switched to Linux, and I would never switch back to Windows. Linux is more efficient, faster and simpler. Windows is still more popular for Gaming, as it offers more support for games and the client interface is friendlier on Windows. Linux is remaining somehow underdeveloped in terms of client interface, all aspects being easier to access from the console.

Which tech websites do you regularly check?

I use my Facebook account especially for the news feeds in tech, astronomy, physics, biology, and I receive newsletters from several sources, including MIT, Techradar, or Wired. I generally read almost everything I find interesting, applying this formula on books too, since I do not necessarily focus on a specific field and I have not made any habit of periodically checking certain sites.

We know you enjoy tennis in your free time. Tell us a bit about your hobby.

Yes, I really like playing tennis and sometimes I watch what happens in international competitions. I took a few tennis lessons when I was young and for several years I played regularly with some good friends who were also passionate about tennis. In the last year I have participated in several amateur tournaments, which help me improve my game. I recently discovered squash and padel, two sports that borrow elements from tennis, but which bring more intensity and fun in play. I try not to miss any invitation to any of them.

Have you watched this year’s Olympic Games? Which sports did you enjoy the most?

I didn't watch too many live events due to time zone difference, however, I searched and read news about the Olympics. Few weeks before the Olympics, I listened to an interview with the swimmer David Popovici on the radio, and I was impressed by the way he thinks and speaks. I have to admit that I woke up in two evenings especially to watch his races, swimming being another activity that I practice with pleasure.

What common challenges have you encountered in your work as customer support consultant and in your hobby?

I like that the current job offers new exciting situations every day. They require research and multiple verifications and, once solved, generate great doses of satisfaction. Sometimes the boundary between the support we offer and the field of programming and web developing is thin, and clients tend to merge the two areas. Depending on the situation, I try to offer the best solution and as I said, the fact that most of the time the situations are changing, helps me remain connected and motivates me to stay focused and at my best.

Which are the three things that you enjoy most about working at Bigstep?

People of Bigstep – All my colleagues are interesting; really why did you pick me for this interview?!

The fact that our products are innovative and unique in a market that is dominated by tech giants.

The fact that the company cares about its people.

What is your biggest work and/or hobby achievement?

At the moment I do what I like, that's why I come to work with pleasure. (Can you please remind me the address of the new headquarters?) I still have a lot to learn and a lot to study in order to improve in the field of system administrator. I've never made a top of my achievements, because I don't work like that. I try to give my best in every task or job I have to accomplish.

I cannot apply the same strategy regarding tennis. I plan to take tennis instructor courses, (I am still trying to gain knowledge) and I plan to win a few tournaments (the competition during the tournaments forces me to want to win, so I set this as my goal to achieve :)

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