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Advertising Agencies: How Is Your Hosting Going?

You’re an advertising agency. The marketing director of a huge potential client, let’s say the local representative of a well-renowned company, or a startup that wants to wow its customers from the start, comes and tells you all about this new 360-degree marketing campaign they need done. We’re talking full website, native-hosted videos, and even a gaming app!

You listen, and realize that creative-wise you have all the elements and you can easily cover their needs. But then you ponder: are you tech enough to uphold this project’s requirements? Is there an infrastructure that could withstand so many visitors and features? Should you even try? Continue reading to find out.

Different Needs, Different Infrastructure

A lot of customers who look for advertising agencies also require hosting services. That is why we always recommend to advertising agencies to have a few dedicated servers reserved for your customers for day-to-day work and to make sure you can also get on-demand servers for specific campaigns. Choosing a provider that offers scalability where you can scale your servers up and down according to your clients’ needs is the smart move, especially if you are dealing with e-commerce businesses.

Sometimes your clients’ requirements will even differ if they plan on doing a more advanced, 360-degree marketing campaign. No matter if you are a full-service agency, an interactive one, or a creative boutique, there is an increasing chance to run into some clients who will ask for all sorts of creative and tech-intensive solutions. Just think about VR or AR marketing.

Technology is advancing and there’s no doubt in how this will influence different industries in the near future. Future creative demands and actions will need a backbone to rely on and that is the server infrastructure.

Let’s Talk About Your Agency

You probably already have creative, media, research, and business departments, so you can cover any customer requirement easily.

Print campaign? No problem.

Online advertising? No problem.

Banners? No problem.

Gaming app? Well that’s where it gets a bit trickier.

A campaign website with high traffic? You probably wouldn’t want that to go down for your client.

In order to have a website that can remain up and running for a high number of visitors (high traffic website) or an app with multiple features (games, coupons, videos, and more), you will need to use an infrastructure that’s both powerful and reliable.

Perhaps the campaign will run in only one country. Then the campaign will probably have a high number of visitors at certain hours per day, and none at night. Or maybe you have an e-commerce client that deals with seasonality. For this, you’d need a scalable infrastructure that can adapt on the fly to your customer’s campaign requirements.

What We Can Do For Your Business

Each marketing campaign and each business has its own requirements, workflow, and needs. We could help you with the creative, but let’s face, you’re better at it than us.

What we’re good at, however, are servers. We know the ins and outs of all solutions and which solution best fits the use case you give us. We can help you sustain a highly tech-inclusive campaign with our high performance bare metal servers, and the support team can configure it to suit your customers’ needs. No matter what you need installed, no matter your requirements, just tell us and we make it happen. Just like you make happen the creative campaign for your clients.

Bare Metal Dedicated Servers: More Than One Option

Depending on the size of the campaign, you could get a bare metal server and use it for that specific client. Or for a specific campaign. Otherwise, if you have more clients with less requirements, you could get a high performance bare metal server, virtualize it yourself (or with our help) and accommodate the needs of all of your clients. Easy as 1-2-3.

You’ll be in control of everything, from resources, to the tools used. Moreover, you’ll have unrestricted access to your machines and easily identify the exact hardware at the component level. And you’ll also be in control of the costs, as we offer predictable, transparent month-on-month pricing.

And of course, our most valuable feature remains scalability. Running successful campaigns that have traffic spikes might get your infrastructure down when you least expect it. And the successful campaign turns into a disaster. Being able to scale up and down whenever needed, according to traffic, should be top of mind when designing and hosting your customers’ marketing campaigns.

Still Undecided?

We know buying a server isn’t like buying a pair of pants. Heck, even buying a pair of pants can sometimes become problematic. But we are here to answer all of your questions regarding servers and hosting. And here are a few more articles you could familiarize yourself with:

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