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Learn how to get sub-millisecond response times with Couchbase

Next week we will be presenting in a very interesting meetup, where we will talk about Couchbase and Hadoop: how to quickly move data from one to the other and how to get sub-milliseconds response time with Couchbase.

The meetup will take place on the 17th of September and it will feature speakers from Avira as well.

Avira is a worldwide leading supplier of security solutions for professional and private use. They have been using Couchbase and CDH in production for two years, working on customer behavior analysis and exploring how machine learning can improve their clients’ experience.

The meetup will have two segments:

1)  Connecting Couchbase to Hadoop: Couchdoop – where Calin (Big Data Engineer at Avira) and Radu Pastia (Team Leader Big Data Operations) will talk about how their need for a high-performance connector between Hadoop and CDH led them to create Couchdoop and engineer it to optimize throughput.

Calin has been working as a Big Data Engineer for Avira since 2013 for two years. His passion for big data started in 2012, while attending an internship at the National University of Singapore. That is when he had his first contact with the Hadoop ecosystem. He holds a M.Sc. in Computer Science and is currently working on a Ph.D.

Radu had been working at Avira for almost 2 years. In the first few months he became a Cloudera Certified Developer for Apache Hadoop. He has been responsible of setting up a Hadoop cluster for Avira and is now in charge of a skilled team who manages and operates the setup.

2)  Achieving sub-millisecond response time with Couchbase – during which Alex - our Product Manager - will share our experience with Couchbase and how we managed to achieve performance on our Full Metal Cloud.

Alex has also tested other NoSQL solutions such as Impala and Elasticsearch and tried to zero in on what setup provides the best price/performance for each application.

You can view his results here.

If you’re interested in learning more about Couchbase deployments and creating your very own Hadoop - NoSQL connector, you shouldn’t miss this one.

The event is almost booked so we recommend you register as soon as possible.

Also, if you have any questions about Couchbase, Hadoop or if you would like to share your experience with them, you can comment below and we’ll be sure to follow up.

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