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Datameer on Full Metal - The Shortest Time To Insights

We are pleased to announce that we have joined forces with Datameer for helping business managers to get started with big data in a high performance, secure, and scalable environment, without needing to wait for IT to deploy an enterprise-wide solution.

Introducing Datameer on Full Metal

Our Full Metal Cloud provides a high performance Hadoop environment which accelerates Datameer. Working on terabytes of data is just as easy as building a spreadsheet on your laptop. That’s why Datameer on our Full Metal provides a fast deployment, at a click of a button: you can get an entire big data analytics stack deployed, configured and ready to crunch data in less than 20 minutes.

Business insights in minutes instead of months

The success of enterprise Hadoop adoption is driving a growing demand for access in the cloud, as more business users with limited IT or Hadoop expert resources want direct and immediate access to their data, regardless of its size.

The crunching data process needs to be efficient, Datameer on Full Metal  is the most affordable and agile option for business executives within an organization who want to start integrating, preparing, analyzing and visualizing all of their data right away.

Taking part form a competitive market, any company that want to make a difference can now gain an advantage with big data analytics right away by using Datameer Professional on our Full Metal Cloud.  We guarantee that you’ll discover actionable insights in hours, even minutes, instead of months.

Why you’ll love Datameer on Full Metal

Very easy to get started and work with
Power it up in 20 minutes with little or no technical background. No 6 month waiting times for servers to be delivered and expensive licensing to be negotiated.

•  Affordable
Orders of magnitude lower TCO compared to traditional enterprise analytics solutions and much smaller upfront investment.

•  Fast setup time
Setting up a cluster of any size or configuration takes less than 20 minutes on the clock.

•  Data security & sovereignty
The Full Metal Cloud is ISO 27001:2013 certified and also compliant to the new GDPR and the NIS Directive.

•  OPEX or CAPEX billing models
Pay per hour, per month or per year - we accommodate most procurement methodologies and you’ll save time on purchasing.

•  Better support
Datameer on Full Metal includes 24/7 support for the Full Metal Cloud. For Datameer Professional and CDH, business hour and 24/7 support are available.

For a complete picture of Datameer on our Full Metal visit our website.

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