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5 months in the Netcraft’s monthly Top 10. How about that?

We’ve recently received good news from Netcraft twice: in August we’ve reached 3rd place in their top 10 and, also, it’s our fifth consecutive month in this prestigious top. Here’s the news with all the details.

As we’ve already said in a previous article about our presence in top 10, we continue to maintain a consistent 100% uptime, an excellent response time and a low number of failed requests. This is quite a record, as Netcraft admits.

In August, we have been placed on the 3rd position due to a 0,007% rate of failed requests and a connection time of 0,070ms.

We are really proud of this recognition. Our hosting infrastructure for big data companies is the differentiator that makes us great. Currently, we are the only IaaS provider in the world that does not use virtualization. And this is how we do it.

How did we get to where we are today?

1996 - The Springfield Project
Founded as a stealth corporate-identity for’s eCommerce website building business, the popularity of the Springfied Project grew as knowledge of its true identity turned into a Silicon Valley status symbol.

1999 - Bigstep is launched officially launches as a freemium eCommerce hosting company. The firm is backed by venture capital from Silicon Valley heavyweights—US Venture Partners, Mayfield Fund, and Draper Richards.

2004 - Affinity Internet acquires Bigstep
Affinity Internet, then the third largest hosting company in the US, acquires Bigstep in order to expand its ecommerce capabilities and soon launches a new eCommerce offering.

2007 - Hostway Corporation acquired Affinity Internet
This deal saw the combination of two U.S.-based hosting companies. The new entity had 600,000 customers, 750 employees, a presence in 11 countries and other Affinity hosting brands, including ValueWeb, and Bigstep.

2012 – Hostway undertakes structural changes
Bigstep had been developing custom built server deployments and when Hostway began making structural organisational changes, the UK and Romanian Hostway offices joined together to form the new Bigstep.

2013 – Bigstep is reborn
After spending time to develop the proposition and technology, a Hostway spin-off company was launched. Bigstep now combines the speed and performance of full metal hardware with the flexibility of the cloud.

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