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Learn how to get sub-millisecond response times with Couchbase

Next week we will be presenting in a very interesting meetup, where we will talk about Couchbase and Hadoop: how to quickly move data from one to the… Continue Reading

HUG Meetup: SQL and NoSQL on Hadoop – a look at performance

As usage of Hadoop has broadened, choosing the right DB technology and deployment platform represents key factors for the performance of your data analysis… Continue Reading

Syncsort interview: Full Metal Power in the Bigstep High Performance Cloud

The team at Syncsort recently invited us to take part in their Expert Interview series with Big Data specialists. Ioana, our Commercial Director, accepted… Continue Reading

Great news: you can get 60% more performance on existing infrastructure

We recently released a series benchmarking results which reveal that you can get up to 60% more performance from existing infrastructure - be it on-premise… Continue Reading

AlignAlytics benchmarks Elasticsearch, sees 200% performance improvement

Every so often we come across a use case that makes every hour of work put into our Full Metal Cloud worth it many times over. Today we’re in the… Continue Reading

NoSQL Performance Benchmarks Series: Couchbase

This is the first of a series of performance benchmarks on NoSQL DBs that we plan to share with you. Our goal is to understand the various scaling… Continue Reading

Getting the Most Out of Your NoSQL DB

Many IT directors are failing to get the optimum performance from their infrastructure. So we’ve been conducting a number of benchmarking studies to see… Continue Reading