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Bigstep Is Now a cPanel Certified Partner

We are proud to announce that we have officially become a cPanel Certified Partner, as part of our continuous efforts to provide the highest level of technical support for our customers.

cPanel is by far the most popular control panel used in the hosting industry. Due to its intuitive interface and rich set of features, it allows users to manage their accounts easily, even if their knowledge of Linux is minimal.

However, various errors or misconfigurations can still happen, and that’s where our system administrators come in. Let’s see why cPanel certifications are important and how the Partner status is achieved.

What Is the cPanel Certified Partner Program?

The cPanel Certified Partner Program was introduced in 2019 and is available for hosting companies that are already NOC Partners.

According to cPanel, the program is designed “to help shine a light on those Partners that have gone the extra mile to ensure that their employees and support staff have been trained to sell and support cPanel & WHM® software.”

Since Bigstep has been a cPanel NOC Partner for some time, we have decided to enter the Certified Partner Program, to officially showcase that our technical staff has the strong knowledge required.

In order for a company to become a Certified Partner, a number of its employees must enroll in the courses offered by cPanel University and achieve certifications in three separate tiers. Since our system administrators were already experienced, they enjoyed the courses and were happy to pass the exams that certify their skills.

What Does It Mean for Our Customers?

cPanel University courses are continuously updated with the latest features of the platform and certifications expire after one year. As a result, our Certified Partner status reassures our customers that our support staff is highly trained and always up to date with the changes introduced by cPanel.

In addition, any support ticket opened by us with cPanel will be from now on automatically escalated to a new Ultra Priority Technical Support queue. This guarantees that any complex issue can be solved quickly, with the help of cPanel’s technical experts.

And we don’t plan to stop here. cPanel Technical Partners are ranked on a leaderboard, based on the number of certifications achieved by their employees. Our staff is eager to accept the challenge to earn more certifications and climb the leaderboard, confirming our status as one of the most reliable hosting companies in the world.

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