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Become a Meteorologist With Just Your Phone

Using computers in weather prediction has been around for a long time. In the 60’s, Edward Lorenz used a very basic machine to model Earth’s weather patterns.… Continue Reading

4 Customer Analytics You Can't Afford to Ignore

Never have we been able to know our customers as well as we do today, thanks to Big Data. We can now glean everything from where they live to how much… Continue Reading

How Big Data is Changing the World of Modern Manufacturing

It's hard to find an industry that big data isn't making an impact in, but the world of manufacturing showcases the operational power of big data like… Continue Reading

Docker Best Practices

Lean, uncomplicated, standardized, easily manageable: that's the essence of Docker containerization. Using best practices assures that all of the benefits… Continue Reading

Expert Interview with Linda Bustos on Small Business and Big Data

By now, savvy business owners should be aware that big data might be their new best friend. But, says Linda Bustos, director of eCommerce research at… Continue Reading

IBM Touts Cloud, Big Data for Future of Healthcare

Most healthcare managers and administrators are already familiar with the concept of big data and the cloud. In fact, about 80 percent of healthcare facilities… Continue Reading

5 Keys to Getting the Most Out of Big Data Apps

Big data applications are making the transition from proof-of-concept to production, and with this transition comes demand for application resiliency… Continue Reading

Big data in use…healthcare

The latest in our series of blog posts that look at how big data is being deployed in different industries, this time focuses on healthcare.Healthcare… Continue Reading

Big data in use…the World Cup

We’ve written before about the use of big data in sport, but with the World Cup in full swing we wanted to turn our attention to how big data is… Continue Reading

Is Bigstep’s Full Metal Cloud the Best Cloud Service?

We think so, of course. But we have recently been shortlisted in the Cloud World Series Awards 2014 in the Best Cloud Service category, so maybe we aren’t… Continue Reading

Putting a value to big data

Most businesses have woken up to the fact that big data is an area in which they need to invest in to realise its rich potential. Finding the investment… Continue Reading

How BYOD is impacting big data

BYOD and big data are two of the biggest IT trends of recent times, vying for attention from press, analysts and influencers all across the industry and… Continue Reading