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Is Bigstep’s Full Metal Cloud the Best Cloud Service?

We think so, of course. But we have recently been shortlisted in the Cloud World Series Awards 2014 in the Best Cloud Service category, so maybe we aren’t the only ones. For a new and emerging company such as ours, it is hugely rewarding to see our full metal cloud acknowledged by such a prestigious awards and shows the progress that we are making with our innovative approach to big data and the infrastructure needed to manage it.

We are up against some of the biggest competition possible in this category – Amazon Web Service and Cloudyn. But we believe our combination of bare metal power and cloud flexibility is a really compelling proposition for any organisation wanting big data analysis in quick time, and here is why. 

The power of a full metal cloud
When it comes to big data, speed is of the essance. The business insight that is obtainable from big data is one of the most potent tools an organisation can have, even more so if that can be done in real-time. But virtual environments struggle to deliver big data analysis in the required time frames.

That is why when we launched Bigstep last year, we did so as a genuine alternative to the other IaaS options in the market. Hypervisors waste a minimum of 20% of the bare metal power of servers, so we removed it, creating the world’s most powerful public cloud in the process. Sounds simple, but this innovative step allows organisations to beenfit from the full ppower of bare metal, which is critical when dealing with big data.

Many industry experts agree with this, including computing expert and blogger, Peter Senna, IBM and GigaSpaces CTO & Founder Nati Shalom. Nati believes that running I/O intrusive workloads (big data) on a virtualised infrastructure would require ‘three times more resources than its bare metal equivalent’. That’s a serious difference and one that we hope the judges will be aware of when evaluating the different award entries next week.

A bare metal cloud double?
We have good form when it comes to winning awards - earlier this year we won the ‘newcomer of the year’ at the UK Cloud Awards 2014. As with the Cloud World Series Awards 2014, we were up against a more established firm in Nutanix. But the judges felt that the power and performance of our bare metal cloud was a cloud service to be reckoned with and we are hoping that’s an omen for next week.

AWS is perhaps the most high profile cloud organisation in the world. It’s exciting to be in contention for an award alongside a firm like that, but we believe that our full metal cloud is the best infrastructure for anyone that wants to deploy big data. Let’s hope the judges agree with us – we’ll find out on 17 June!

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