We Are Bigstep

Bigstep was created by passionate big data aficionados. We set out to empower organizations determined to make sense of their data, by providing a full-stack big data ecosystem running in a high-performance bare metal cloud. Offering a reliable, scalable and extendable cloud-based platform purpose-built for big data is the number one goal of the Bigstep team.

Tailor-Made Big Data

We handpicked the most valued big data applications to date and the best hardware components, in order to build and update the Bigstep Metal Cloud. For the Bigstep team, creating the world’s best big data platform is much more than an ambition. We started out with a solid knowledge base of the big data field and we designed the Bigstep Metal Cloud to meet the expectations and exigencies of professionals like ourselves.

Whether you are aiming to outplay your competition or attempting to improve operational efficiency and customer retention, you are minutes away from the proper insights. The Bigstep Metal Cloud is designed either to replace or to extend your on-premises big data deployments. Integrate your own big data expertise, add your unique nuance to it, and the Bigstep Metal Cloud will transform into a time-saving machine and a productivity booster for your business.

There Is Big Data Beyond Predefined Use Cases

The Bigstep Metal Cloud is deployed in data centers in the UK, Germany and the USA. The platform completely automates and orchestrates infrastructure and software integration, deployment and scaling, configuration and tuning, dependency management, application interconnection and upgrade management.

The Bigstep Metal Cloud is completely vendor-agnostic, which means that businesses are granted the ability to test a wide range of big data technologies and opt for the ones that best serve their use cases. The Bigstep Metal Cloud provides the enterprise-grade environment required for data experimentation, paving the way to both innovation and better-informed decision making.

Featured By

  • UK Clouds Awards Winner

    We were vying for the best newcomer award with Nutanix, a much more established company and one that has achieved a great deal of success over the past few years. It must have been a tough decision for the UK Cloud Award judges but for our approach and methods to have been recognised in this way, shows that we are on the right tracks.

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  • Forbes

    When we launched our IaaS for big data in October 2013 we were confident the market would be intrigued by the combination of super computing power and cloud flexibility. We weren’t quite prepared though, for the kudos coming our way over the ensuing months, which culminated in Bigstep appearing in a Forbes article at the end of March.

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  • OVUM

    Bigstep has introduced a new twist on the existing IaaS market by enabling customers to install directly on to bare metal with the same degree of flexibility and access provided to current IaaS offerings based on virtual environments.

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  • Forrester

    Bigstep is a fully bare metal Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) cloud platform targeting high performance workloads. Rather than being a generic infrastructure, Bigstep is outfitting its cloud specifically for performance.

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  • Netcraft

    Rather than generic infrastructure, Bigstep is outfitting its cloud specifically for performance - HP rackmount servers, SSD-based iSCSI storage, 44Gbps of Ethernet from each server (four 1GbE ports and 4 10GbE ports per server) and no virtual switching.

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