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Bigstep x BDW: The Big Data Event You Want to Attend

We are excited to announce that Big Data Week will move online for its Bucharest edition this year. Be sure to save the date - October 6 - for insightful business and tech talks, and practical workshops and trainings. We are proud to be part of the event as presenting partners alongside, as well as provide the infrastructure for the big data course.

This worldwide concept of community events focusing on the social, political, and technological impact of data, was hosted in recent years in cities like London, Chicago, Barcelona, Madrid, Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Kuala Lumpur, Minsk, and Leeds. It is already a well-known event in the big data world, and every year it attracts a passionate community of tech and business professionals.

With the world turning more and more to the online, we all feel the need for social interaction. But this new do-everything-online environment is also creating a lot of data, which in turn calls for better server infrastructure to store it and for the use of big data technologies to analyze it. Online events can help with both needs: while networking will never be the same as at a live event, attending conferences online can both help you meet professionals throughout the world, and keep you updated with the latest trends.

Why Join An Online Conference?

As much as we love in-person events, online conferences have a few perks of their own. For instance, online conferences promote diversity and people from different countries can build their global network more easily. Instead of booking a flight and a hotel, spending a few hours on an airplane, and making sure to reach the venue in time for the keynote, simply save the date in your calendar and attend with just one click. Use this chance to connect with professionals that would be hard to contact otherwise.

Besides reaching a wider audience, you can listen to keynote speakers from across the globe and easily ask them questions about their talks and innovative projects. Attend virtual stands for top companies you’re interested in, and discuss with them at a click of a button. With the onset of the pandemic, online event platforms have tried recreating the offline experience as much as possible, by creating networking areas, private chats and video calls, demo video rooms, a feature to exchange business cards, and more.

Why Join Big Data Week Bucharest Online Event?

From Data Scientists and Artificial Intelligence Leads, to Software Developers and Big Data Architects, the BDW Bucharest conference is your chance to listen and interact with experts from top companies such as: Cognizant Softvision, ING Tech, MetalSoft, Trencadis, Microsoft, eMAG, eSolutions, Google, Adore Me, Netopia Payments, Revolut, Carrefour, and more. You’ll have the great opportunity to learn more about Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Business Intelligence, Real-Time Analytics, Data Science, Cloud, Microservices, in a professional yet relaxed environment.

The conference takes place on October 6 and spans across two tracks focused on tech and business. The following days, October 7-8, bring a series of workshops and trainings, and well as an intro course to big data, that also provides you with a completion diploma. You can check the full agenda and read the topics on

What is Bigstep’s Involvement in BDW Bucharest Online?

We have been a presenting partner for Big Data Week since 2015, joining them in live events in Chicago, London, and Bucharest. This year, we have partnered up with to provide the same knowledge and innovation to our business and tech audience, in a new online format adjusted to these times.

During the conference, Serban Mateescu, Software Developer at Bigstep, will discuss how to monitor millions of devices spread across hundreds of thousands of edge locations by using a map-reduce style approach. MetalSoft, the intelligent bare metal automation platform is designed to be scalable and can handle a wide range of scenarios, and Serban will explain in detail how it works. Find out more details here: Distributed Monitoring for the Edge Cloud.

We’ll also be present at the event with a hands-on workshop on how to build, operate, and monetize a network of tiny geographically distributed data centers. Held by Alex Bordei, VP of Product & Engineering at MetalSoft, and Sergiu Caraian, Lead Frontend Developer at Bigstep, this session is intended for sysadmins, CTO, CDO, and big data professionals, as well as for everyone interested in learning more about edge computing and 5G. Find out more details here: Building an Edge Cloud.

Moreover, we will provide a specifically-setup and provisioned infrastructure for the intro course to big data taking place on October 8. The course will use a Hortonworks cluster for NiFi, Kafka, and Spark, while participants will have access to their own virtual machines.

Meet Us Online On October 6!

Book your ticket here, join us at our stand on October 6, and we’ll happily discuss server infrastructure and automation platforms in detail with you!

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