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Bigstep showcases bare metal cloud at Big Data Week 2014

When we launched our bare metal cloud in October 2013 we believed that we were delivering the world’s most powerful public compting infrastructure. The reason behind offering such speed and power was that in this era of big data, organisations need to manage and analyse that data in real-time.

That’s we are proud to be one of the sponsors of the 3rd edition of Big Data Week which begins on 5 May next week. It’s a great initiative, themed around “The Connected Society”, that will explore the relationship of data across The Internet of Things, Smart Cities and The Quantified Self. We will be presenting at Big Data Week London and this is what we have planned. 

Big Data Week and Bigstep
Big data is one of the major forces to impact the technology and business sectors over the past five years. To analyse and extract value from big data requries vast amounts of computing power, which is where our bare metal cloud can deliver like no other infrastructure. We are already committed supporters of a number of global big data communities, so we feel that Big Data Week and Bigstep make for a natural fit.

Big Data Week 2014 is a global event involving more than 30 cities and an estimated 30,000 data practitioners across 200+ meet-ups, workshops and hackathons focused on the social, political, technological and commercial impacts of data.

London Big Data Week will begin on 6 May with the official launch party, before moving on to a full day of events and seminars on 7 May at University College London. One of those seminars will involve our commercial director Ioana presenting alongside Splunk, the software firm that turns machine data into valuable insight.

Splunk, Bigstep and bare metal cloud
The exact nature of our presentation is being kept under wraps for the time being, but suffice to say it will involve demonstrating how our bare metal cloud can process vast volumes of Splunk data efficiently and at speed.

Big data is fast becoming part of the business mainstream, a fact borne out by the sheer scale and breadth of Big Data Week 2014. It’s a unique event that is perfect for anyone who wants to learn more about big data and what can be achieved with it, whether an established data scientist or someone completely new to big data.

We’d love to see as many of London’s big data practitioners as possible and there are a few tickets still available for next week. Details of the full programme and how to buy tickets can be found here.

We will be sharing the details of our presentation with Splunk after it takes place but hope to see many of you in person at London Big Data Week on the 7th.

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