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Bigstep features in Netcraft’s monthly Top 10….again

Netcraft has just published its most recent figures into the world’s most reliable infrastructure providers. We are delighted to reveal that one again Bigstep features prominently in the top ten.

This is the seventh time in the past 10 analyses that Bigstep has featured in the prestigious list, powerful recognition for our big data infrastructure.

So what’s the secret to our success? 

A big data infrastructure
There are two main KPIs for an IT infrastructure – speed and reliability. You can have the world’s most powerful computing infrastructure but if it is continually falling down then it is next to useless.

Likewise, 100% uptime is all well and good but if the infrastructure lacks the desired speed and performance, then the value of big data can be impacted. Luckily, our big data infrastructure manages to tick both boxes, speed AND reliability.

The Netcraft top 10 is an independent and authoratitive analysis of the most reliable infrastructure providers. Publishing every month, we have featured in seven of the last 10 editions. In January 2014 we were in 6th place, due to an impressive 0.011% rate of failed requests and a connection time of 0.065ms.

We are rightly proud of our ability to maintain a consistent 100% uptime, especially given that many of our competitors regularly fail to make the Netcraft top 10.  Our customers are finding this a compelling proposition, especially when you also factor in our speed, which makes us the most powerful public computing infrastructure in the world.

Speed and performance
Netcraft isn’t the only independent analysis that has validated our model. A succession of industry benchmarks have highlighted how hypervisors can restrict performance, wasting much of the power of bare metal servers.

This is why we have removed the hypervisor completely. This frees up an astonishing amount of power – we can offer between 20 and 100 per cent more performance per resource than any virtual cloud – which is essential in ths era of big data.

Performance and reliability – drop us a line if you’d like to hear more about how our infrastructure delivers on both.

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