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How to Choose the Best Server for Your Online Store - Infographic

Whether you’re new to e-commerce, or already an experienced online retailer, there are always tons of decisions to make. From which layout and what features your store should have, to the back-end and server infrastructure. We know it’s not an easy task, so we put together an infographic to help you get a clear view of what you should do from start to… conversion.

Let’s say you’re just starting your online business. You’ll need a proper plan in place which depends on the answers to several key questions. This is a mandatory step, not only for a smooth start, but also in order to build a solid and forward-looking business. Which are these key questions?

Now let’s say you already have an online store, but it hasn’t been working properly due to high traffic, server misconfiguration, or other issues. In order to fix these issues, you’ll have to identify the bottlenecks; where to start?

Find out all these from our infographic on e-commerce and server infrastructure, or download our full whitepaper for a comprehensive analysis on online retail!

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