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5 Benefits of Cloud Performance Testing

For companies that sink or swim based on service outages and customer satisfaction ratings, the benefits of performance testing are clear and well-documented. Performance testing simulates heavy loads and assesses the performance of apps and infrastructure to assure that downtime doesn’t derail your campaigns, promotions, and lucrative business times. But onsite testing is expensive, time-consuming, and has certain limitations. Cloud performance testing is cheaper and less limited in scope, meaning you can test anytime and test everything that might fail.

1. Cost Savings Over Onsite Testing

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Cloud-based testing is cheaper than buying and maintaining hardware and testing tools.

In order to perform onsite testing, companies have to invest in enough hardware to produce the computing power to simulate peak loads. This means buying performance testing tools, deploying and keeping up client and server infrastructures, and producing simulation scripts. These costs add up.

Testing in the cloud eliminates these expenses. Data centers held by cloud services produce ample computing power to test, and you can scale the testing however is best for your business. You only have to pay for the computing power you use, and don’t have to install or maintain systems that are only used to produce computing power for testing purposes.

2. Provides Detailed Diagnostics

Cloud services that are set up for performance testing offer detailed analytics as part of the testing package. The testing scripts are also included, saving your in-house staff time and effort. These diagnostics give your workers a detailed map to where the problem is and useful input into what the problem is. Bigstep is the brand of cloud hosting provider that offers the highest-performance public cloud in the world, and is more than capable of hosting your next test while keeping within your budget restrictions.

3. The Ability to Simulate Peak Loads Anytime

All you have to do to orchestrate a performance test is to notify your cloud service provider when you need to test. The provider allots the resources to manage the testing process, so you can test whenever and however best suits your schedule. This means you can test right before rolling out a huge marketing campaign or right before the busy holiday season without having to divert resources away from necessary business operations.

4. The Ability to Prepare for Global Readiness

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Want to test for an influx of customers from other parts of the world? Cloud testing is the way to go.

Are your systems prepared for an influx of customers from Europe, Asia, or developing nations with new sources of disposable income? With cloud-based testing, you can make sure your systems are prepared for the international marketplace. This is an excellent tool for business expanding to new markets or introducing new products with worldwide sales potential.

5. The Ability to Test Multiple Scenarios

Testing shouldn’t just involve tests for browser-based applications. Tests need to be able to evaluate alternate routes to your internal systems, such as access via mobile devices. Cloud testing allows you to get an overall picture of how the system performs for a variety of users in a multitude of situations.

Are you sold yet? Contact Bigstep today to discover how cloud testing your systems for performance can save your company time and money, while preparing your systems for a variety of user scenarios.


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