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4 Reasons to Love Hadoop on the Full Metal Cloud

Though Hadoop cloud computing is achieving mass acceptance among corporations working with big data, it hasn’t come without criticism, reliability among the chief complaints. Is it possible to improve the performance of Hadoop for faster, more powerful big data analysis? Hadoop was designed to work on the bare metal cloud, but there is an even better solution. If you’ve been using a virtual environment or even a bare metal cloud, switching to the full metal cloud is going to offer you wow-ing results, right from the start.

1. No Hypervisors Means Better Performance Without Higher Costs

Faster. More powerful. Not more expensive. That’s the full metal cloud.

Hypervisors waste at least 20 percent of the power on bare metal servers, often more. Using the full metal cloud eliminates the waste associated with hypervisors, providing better performance without the use of additional resources, because there is not an additional layer between the operating system and the server. This immediately reduces the cost of operation, while improving the power. It’s a win-win proposition.

2. Fully Defined Components and Topology


Know what you’ve got, and where it is. That’s the full metal cloud of BigStep.

Most cloud service providers use outdated hardware, often six years old or more, and aren’t really clear about the specs of the hardware you’re using for Hadoop operations. The full metal cloud offered by BigStep allows you full access to hardware specs, so you always know exactly what equipment is used. Furthermore, BigStep offers complete transparency into the topology of your network. You can see that the hardware is in the same racks, connected to the same switch. You also have the option to prevision dedicated machines directly from the management interface. No more guessing about how and where your data is stored.

3. Drastic Reduction in Latency

The number one issue with cloud operations of any sort is latency. The full metal cloud reduces latency to between 5 and 10 milliseconds. This is done by pseudo-wire networking, which allows for communications across the country and among different data centers as if they were working on the same switch. BigStep offers customers up to 12 local 2-terabyte drives per FMCI, so not only is latency reduced, you never have to worry about running out of storage capacity.

4. Up to 40 GbE Connectivity

Need faster connectivity? The full metal cloud offered by BigStep offers up to 40 GbE total network transfer speed. If this isn’t enough for your purposes, they can customize a solution to provide you with even greater connectivity speeds.

When operating on the full metal cloud, many of the issues with reliability, speed, and power when using the Hadoop cloud just disappear. BigStep is the brand of cloud hosting provider that offers the highest performance public cloud available anywhere in the world. With local storage instances available on demand, complete elasticity even for local storage FMCIs, and direct access to local drives for map/reduce and Hbase, BigStep is the clear solution for bringing your Hadoop operations to the cloud environment it works best in.

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