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From launch to Forbes in five months

When we launched our IaaS for big data in October 2013 we were confident the market would be intrigued by the combination of super computing power and cloud flexibility.

We weren’t quite prepared though, for the kudos coming our way over the ensuing months, which culminated in Bigstep appearing in a Forbes article at the end of March. So if you’ll excuse us singing our own praises for a moment, we’d like to recap on what we’ve been up to since October. 

Bigstep - ‘perfect for crunching big data in high volumes and at high speed’
As a UK company supported by the best technical expertise and engineering talent Romania has to offer, we understand both countries well. We’d written previously in Entrepreneur County about the potential in Romania for start-ups but expanded on this with our first appearance in Forbes, one of the world’s most established and influential business publications.

Forbes - launched last year, Bigstep is an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) that offers an incredibly fast cloud platform, perfect for crunching Big Data in high volumes and at high speed.

We really couldn’t have put it any better ourselves! Big data continues to be one of the main drivers in modern business and our innovative step of removing the hypervisor to dramatically improve performance is clearly making its mark.

Big data and the cloud
We’ve also been a commentator on a variety of technology issues. A few months into 2014 and two themes continue to dominate the technology industry – cloud computing and big data. We bridge the gap between the two. Big data is power hungry and running applications such as Hadoop in a virtual environment is too slow and not a feasible option. Yet public cloud infrastructure services are not as economically sound as was once thought, as we discuss in an exclusive article written for Big Data Republic.

Big Data Republic - At face value, bare-metal may seem more expensive, but in reality, it offers superior value. This is because of the way these alternative cloud services are being provisioned: The technology does not rely on virtualisation and there are no mysterious parameters affecting cost, such as the level of read/write activity.

We also wrote about big data in social media and the opportunity this provided for analytics providers, this time in Fourth Source.

Fourth Source - to truly maximise the potential of social media, and see a quantifiable return from the time investment, a good social media analytics provider is required. This must be able to identify patterns and trends and turn those into valuable insight. And such analytics requires a powerful infrastructure, able to manage the sheer volume of social media data and scale at times of unexpected social media usage spikes

An award winner
Apart from providing insightful comment on the technology industry, we’ve also been busy winning awards. We were thrilled just to be nominated for the ‘newcomer of the year’ award at the UK Cloud Awards 2014, especially given that we were up against Nutanix, a more established company. That made winning all the more special and firmly established our cloud credentials.

It has been a wonderful start to 2014 and there is much more to come. Watch this space for details of some very exciting customers we have been working with.


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