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Business Intelligence is about informing the business decisions and there is no better way to gain useful insight than using big data. Old BI tools are useful but running a big data environment is by far the superior way.

Business Intelligence is about informing the business decisions and there is no better way to gain useful insight than using big data. Old BI tools are useful but running a big data environment is by far the superior way.

Limitations of Standard Business Intelligence Tools

Here is a focused list of limitations:

  1. They lack scalability

The more data you generate, the less scalable classic BI tools are, and you start drowning in data if your operation reaches a certain threshold. Because of the sheer volume, you cannot process all of it and the insight you extract from that data is corrupted or just not accurate enough.

In time, you also get an increased need for infrastructure, you start to require more servers, a bigger IT team, and the analyses you run keep getting worse. Move to the cloud, run a big data environment, and this saves your office space, cuts down costs on the IT team to a minimum, and can scale to your operation at the click of a button.

  1. They rely too much on human interaction

Humans still play the major decision role by interpreting data and extracting insight, but too much human interaction at the low-level data collection, data entry or data processing yields errors that are later propagated throughout the system.

When working with data, humans are far more prone to errors and do not have backups. The more your human interaction with raw data is, the more susceptible to errors the result is, leading to vitiated business decisions.

  1. They cannot process real-time data

Velocity is one of the main attributes of Big Data. When a lot of data comes to you either in big bursts or constantly, standard BI tools fail to deliver as the human factor is not able to account for such an influx of information.

Big data combined with machine learning can process the data in real-time, give predictions and a visually compelling interpretation that humans can understand and improve the business decisions.

  1. They are unable to process unstructured data

Not all data you may need to analyze can go into a structured, SQL database. Classic tools find it impossible to combine analyzing stored metrics of a terrain let's say, with pictures and videos of that location. There is no way to do that with classic tools and big data environments with NoSQL databases are required when you deal with a lot of unstructured data.

Usually the unstructured data is just discarded as it cannot fit a MySQL database and it takes up a lot of space. You may have tons of XMLs, plus videos, pictures, metadata from your website that you just discard, but this unstructured data may have powerful insight hidden inside and you just kick it aside because your current tools cannot handle it - big data can.

Reach Quick and Intuitive Decisions with Bigstep

Big data environments solve the core limitations presented above but it’s not just that. Bigstep adds simplicity to complex operations that you were unable to run before. Our big data tools keep improving day by day to provide you with a simple, intuitive way of understanding and visualizing the results that the machines processed.

Here is a focused list of the benefits of running big data on the Bigstep Bare-Metal Cloud:

  1. Simple user interface & scalability

With Bigstep, you are one click away from adding more processing power, or more storage, run a machine learning linear regression, and visualize data in real-time.

  1. Powerful visualization tools

As a business decision maker, you need to make those decisions fast, so you need to understand your data quickly. Our visualization tools are intuitive, easy-to-use and run the fastest of any cloud in the world because of the bare-metal infrastructure.

Our tools are adaptable to the size of your company, so if you are a smaller business you can use our Bigstep Data Lab that integrates many tools in one place so that your single data scientist can easily do the work for your small company and also easily link you to the results.

  1. Process huge chunks of data one-time or in real-time

The Bigstep big data infrastructure allows you to process insane amounts of data and in real-time, if necessary. If not, you can run your analysis and when that analysis is done you stop paying as our system is also pay-per-use, perfectly adapting to your business needs.

  1. Process all types of data

No matter what field you are in or what data you collect, there is insight to be found and we are your platform to do it. Social media information like tweets, customer receipts, supply chain management information, cost optimization, footage or pictures, any type of data can be arranged, processed, and analyzed to improve your business decisions.

You will never again find yourself discarding data just because you do not see a use for it.

Get Started with Big Data Now

Bigstep is the fastest bare-metal cloud in the world and has amazing big data tools that are easy-to-use. Get started with us by contacting our business analysts for further information, pricing, and guidance

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