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Full Metal Data Lake - The First Data Lake as a Service in The World

The Full Metal Data Lake is here

We are pleased to annouce the first Data-Lake-as-a-Service in the world! Bigstep’s Full Metal Data Lake  is the easiest, most efficient way to store and access structured or unstructured exabyte-sized data. It integrates with your existing applications and systems, delivers unparalleled throughput, ensures enterprise grade security, and all for pennies on the gigabyte. It’s truly never been easier to work with big data.

Exabyte-scale storage for big data workloads

- Infinitely scalable active data store for just £18/TB

- Fully encrypted data in transit and at rest

- Multi-terabit throughput architecture

- Fully HDFS compatible and native NoSQL integration


The Full Metal Data Lake is the go-to service for all your big data use cases

Scale out of an existing Enterprise Data Warehouses

The Full Metal Data Lake can be used to ingest existing data, and cross-reference it with information from new sources and systems. It is compatible with Oracle, Teradata, IBM, HP, and Microsoft systems, as well as the large majority of business intelligence tools, such as Qlikview, Microstrategy, Jaspersoft, or Tableau.

No need to pay for prohibitive appliances or license extensions, with the Full Metal Data Lake we only measure the capacity you use, whether it’s 1 GB or 1 PB.


Take in & analyze data streams of any size

Your on-premise architecture might not be ready to collect high-velocity data streams from web users, social media, fleet, sensors, and other apps or devices. But the Full Metal Data Lake is. It can take in external data streams of up to 80 Gbps, make the files instantly available to your processing engines, and feed back the result into your existing systems.

Forget about that network upgrade, there’s a simpler way of getting the insight you’re looking for, and it’s just a click away.


Process data from any sources, in any application

SQL, Java, Python, Scala, R – RDBMS, Hadoop, Spark, NoSQL – no, we’re not listing buzzwords, just the languages and tools you can use to access and analyze data stored in the Full Metal Data Lake. Everything works out of the box, so your teams can start analyzing data and gaining insights in mere minutes, with no additional training.

Deliver the righ data to the right tool at the right time, and you won’t be locked into a single technology ever again.


Build distributed, microservices architectures, for web-ready apps

How do you make your web or mobile app fast enough to keep your users coming back, but without hurting your budget? Containers are an easy way to distribute the right resources to the right workload. But when you have tens or hundreds of containers, running across regions, you also need your storage system to adapt to any workload, and take in any type of data, at any time.

The Full Metal Data Lake was built to deliver the flexibility that microservices architectures require, and work out of the box with Mesos, Kubernetes, and Docker.


Run data science and machine learning on integrated data sets

Bringing together new data sources can generate valuable new business insight. But until now, data has been siloed in different systems, which could not be easily integrated.  The Full Metal Lake is so secure and cost effective that it can take in all your data, and enable your data science team to discover correlations you’ve never seen before.

RStudio, Matlab, and iPhyton Notebook, Spark Notebook, or PyCharm can be used to connect directly to the Full Metal Data Lake. Now your data scientists can do their best work, in the environment they choose.


Active cold data storage and backup for massive data sets

Priced at just £18 /TB stored per month, storing data does not get more cost effective than in the Full Metal Data Lake.

Whether you’re looking for a storage solution to host an active replica of your data sets, or a system that keeps your data available via HTTP across multiple regions and systems, the Full Metal Data Lake is the right choice.

It’s now possible to work with petabyte scale data sets in reach for all your teams and applications without investing millions in enterprise storage systems.

You can read more about Full Metal Data Lake here.


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