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Super computing performance for big data processing…two weeks on

It has been a few weeks now since we launched our new IaaS that uses bare metal power to bring supercomputing speeds to the commercial sector and provide… Continue Reading

Low latency and big data

Low latency was once only really spoken about within financial trading firms. But in 2013 low latency networks are desired and used by businesses of all… Continue Reading

Bigstep launch brings supercomputing performance to big data processing

We’ve been planning today for what feels like forever, but are all the more excited because of that. Today is the day that Bigstep launches!Our product… Continue Reading

Cloud-busting – is the cloud really the inexpensive option?

We are big fans of the cloud. We provide bare-metal performance – fast and powerful – with the flexibility of the cloud, so are firm believers in all… Continue Reading

Keeping your big data safe and secure

An organisation’s big data is one of the most powerful assets it holds. With the right computing infrastructure to process it all, big data is full of… Continue Reading