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How To Best Adapt Your Business When The World Is Moving Online

With the world on its way to moving online, social and work habits have seen a significant shift, forcing businesses in different industries to adapt to a rapidly changing environment. Companies of all sizes need to adjust in order to remain relevant. But how?

Moving Online

If your company is mainly operating offline, you’ll need to find ways to move into the digital world. For that, you need a server. If you have no experience, it will be challenging to decide between a virtualized server and a physical one. You will need to spend some time researching which type best suits your workload and business needs. But merely moving online will not be enough. You’ll need to make sure that your infrastructure is reliable, scalable and cost-effective.

Upgrading Your Infrastructure

Regardless of whether you already have an online presence or not, you should be aware that high availability is critical: Your website always needs to be up and running. Increased downtime can result in broken infrastructure and error pages, and even short periods of downtime can damage your revenue streams. Having a scalable infrastructure allows you to adjust resources as necessary with minimal downtime -- for example, to dynamically increase CPU, RAM or storage size, according to your business needs.

Optimizing Your Website

Businesses used to optimize their websites to handle Black Friday traffic surges. Given the new shift to remote work, they are faced with a permanent Black Friday-like situation: increased orders, high traffic and other challenges. There are many ways to optimize your website and increase its resilience:

  • Increase the resources that you have devoted to the website's uptime.
  • Optimize databases and ordering processes so that the server can handle larger or more orders.
  • Cache some areas of the site to reduce loading times by serving some files directly.

Find out all the optimization options and whether to use bare metal servers or public cloud servers for your business in the full article on Forbes Tech Council.

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