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Public or private cloud…or both?

The rise to prominence of cloud computing over the last decade has dramatically changed the way many businesses operate. Whilst there are some traditionalists… Continue Reading

How is big data being used?

Most organisations will be using big data somewhere within the business. Or certainly claim they are using it, big data is one of the most discussed terms… Continue Reading

Is pay-per-hour the future for IaaS?

Does it strike you as fair that if you want to run a query on your big data that requires vast computing power, you have to pay for more power than you… Continue Reading

Beating I/O bottlenecks

There are few things as frustrating in enterprise computing as delays caused by I/O bottlenecks. Your organisation has the right infrastructure and the… Continue Reading

Big data without high power computing just doesn’t make sense

There is more data in the world than ever before and it is growing faster than it ever has, with 90% of all the data in existence having been generated… Continue Reading