Bigstep DataLab

Data Research Laboratory-as-a-Service

Banking on state-of-the-art technologies such as Apache Spark and Jupyter, Bigstep DataLab is an enterprise-ready data-research service that enables domain experts, BI experts and data-science groups collaborate in helping organizations make data-driven decisions.

Spark Up Your Data-Driven Decisions

Bigstep DataLab is an open data-exploration service that offers data science, analytics and technology experimentation. It is built on our Spark-as-a-Service and Data Lake offerings and it is running on our highly flexible and high-performance bare-metal cloud infrastructure.
Bigstep offers a single point of contact for support, billing and a one-of-a-kind self-service portal for managing the Blueprint defining your technology stack.

Highly Secure Environment

Bigstep DataLab exceeds industry security standards and offers highly granular permission control.

Instant Hardware and Software Provisioning

The architecture can change at any time via our self-service architecture blueprint designer.

Best-in-Class Performance

The tightly integrated applications fully leverage the powerful underlying infrastructure.

True On-Demand Capabilities and Pricing

Resources can be added, reconfigured and removed at any time, mirrored by on-demand pricing.

Large-Scale Data Processing Framework

Bigstep DataLab provides essentially limitless scalability, performance and resiliency.

Schema-on-Read Capabilities

Working with structured, semi-structured and unstructured data side by side has never been easier.

Highly Compatible with Existing Apps

The Bigstep DataLab provides deep integration with existing tools and services via an SQL-compatible interface.

Self-Service Data Science Frontend, Data Visualization and Manipulation

Bigstep DataLab provides a development environment well-suited for collaborative work and point-and-click tools for non-technical analysts.

Application and Cluster-Level Lifecycle Management

Management capabilities are available from project inception to actionable business insights.

How We Do It

Bigstep DataLab can easily handle large quantities of data, it can perform complex machine-learning tasks, and it can be quickly stopped or repurposed. Bigstep DataLab was built using three main components, which can help data scientists conduct data research at scale without the need to involve IT, but within an environment IT can fully control:

Bigstep Data Lake

An infinite repository system where structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data can be stored side by side.
Research results stored in the DataLake can be directly interrogated by ZoomData, Tableau or Qlik via the ODBC connector of the SparkArray, with no need to export the data.

Bigstep Spark-as-a-Service

A managed, fully scalable big data compute service capable of machine learning, graph processing and statistics.
The DataLab is able to accommodate any stream-processing application or framework that can use Apache Spark as a processing engine, such as Apache Beam.

Bigstep Managed Containers

A managed service that uses containers to multiplex single-tenant bare-metal machines and runs hundreds of independent workloads and applications on the same physical hosts. High-performance environments for data science, analytics, and even SQL querying can be scaled at the push of a button.

Designed with Ad-hoc Queries in Mind

Typically, decision-makers are forced to rely on intuition to deduce the answers to ad-hoc questions. However, intuition should be focused on where to look for data and how to interpret it, rather than being a substitute for data altogether. Moreover, gaining the ability to freely query the available data opens up the door for innovation.
Answering ad-hoc queries is fundamentally different from creating static data-analysis and visualization dashboards. Whereas dashboard and its associated queries and processes are fixed in time and repeatable, ad-hoc queries require a data laboratory, an environment purpose-built for exploration and experimentation.

Deploy Your Data Laboratory