Bigstep Container Service

Bare Metal Containers as a Service

Bigstep Container Service uses containers to multiplex single-tenant bare metal machines in order to run hundreds of independent workloads and applications on the same physical hosts. 

  • One-click setup in a scalable, single-tenant, bare metal environment
  • Easy discovery of microservices and integration with standalone applications
  • Fully managed, yet free of charge software orchestration

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Purpose Built for Microservices
and Distributed Applications

Bigstep Container Service offers the ideal environment for building production-ready distributed applications based on Docker. It enables users to manage fleets of interconnected containers on a scalable, single-tenant bare-metal cluster that offers the lowest latency and the best performance-to-price ratio available on the market.

High Availability and Fault Tolerance

Every time faults are detected, the system recovers by immediately spawning the application in another container.

Fully Managed

We use automation so you don't have to do anything manually. There is no host OS and no Docker platform to manage.

Low Latency

Applications that require low latency can benefit from our container service since it runs exclusively on a highly optimized bare metal infrastructure.

True Persistency

Databases are equally at home on our platform. Our Shared Drive enables not only persistent volumes but also sharing of data across containers.

Single Tenant

All users have access to their own real-time containers and a set of physical servers that are assigned to a single user at a time.

High Consolidation Ratios

It is you rather than the cloud provider that gains the benefits of consolidating multiple containers on the same physical machines.

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