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Bigstep DataLab: a Technical Overview

Paper Abstract

The Bigstep DataLab is an optimal turnkey data-research solution for businesses of all size that enables easy access to collaborative analytics and data science. The DataLab abstracts away all the complexity usually associated with this type of projects lowers the cost to a fraction, and it simplifies access to state-of-the-art software like Apache Spark, Apache Kafka, Jupyter, Zoomdata, and others to power data-driven decision making.

What's Inside

  1. The main features of Bigstep DataLab
    Bigstep DataLab enables collaborative data exploration, allowing rapid modifications and scalability, integrating structured and unstructured data and real-time with high-performance and low-latency
  2. Components of Bigstep DataLab
    The components of the DataLab are pre-integrated and hand-picked to serve a specific function for the target audience: Data Scientist, BI, Analysts and Decision Makers.
  3. Architecture, Security and Performance
    The solution uses multiple components, each with its unique role, ranging from data replication, encryption, to self-service data editing, etc. An automated firewall secures all access to the applications from the Bigstep DataLab. Bigstep uses state-of-the-art in-memory processing, bare metal nodes and direct connectivity.

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