Bigstep Metal Cloud Solution

High-performance non-virtualized bare metal hosting solution

The Bigstep bare metal cloud provides all the power and privacy of bare metal with the flexibility of the cloud. It is the highest performance cloud in the world: data shows that it provides up to 500% better performance than virtualized public clouds.                      

Key features

Put your infrastructure on autopilot.
Bigstep Metal Cloud is designed for
developers, and built for enterprise.
You focus on applications;
we’ll handle management,
CLI and web console access.

  • Instant deployment
  • Fully scalable
  • Component monitoring
  • Unified Control Center
  • High-performance and high-security
  • Fast 24/7 support

Metal Cloud Compute Instances

Metal Cloud Compute Instances aren't your average cloud servers. We handpick the best hardware components, choose specific firmware, and configured BIOS settings to get the most out of each chip on that motherboard.

  • Pre-configured for maximum performance
  • Bare metal servers, single-tenant physical servers
  • Complete control: out of band & OS root access
  • One-click upgrades & scaling

Metal Cloud Storage

To achieve the right mix of performance and capacity, we provide two tiers of block storage:

  • Solid Storage for high-performance workloads
  • Disk Storage for storing massive data sets cost-effectively.

Bare Metal Solid Storage

High-performance all-SSD block storage

  • The world's fastest cloud server storage
  • Perfect for hot data & caching
  • Up to 100k IOPS /block
  • One-click block expansion

Bare Metal Disk Storage

High-capacity spindle based block storage

  • High-capacity block storage
  • Fastest disk-based cloud store
  • 10 Gbps throughput per drive

Bare Metal Data Lake

Exabyte scale, HDFS compatible & object storage

  • Cost-effective storage
  • HDFS compatible
  • Blazing-fast for large files
  • High throughput & low latency

Bare Metal Shared Drive

Private cloud-ready storage with all-SSD or spindle support.

  • Works with all servers
  • SSD or HDD disk performance
  • Up to 40 Gbps throughput
  • Elastic capacity scaling

Bare Metal Data Lake

The bare metal data lake is an exabyte-scale storage that supports big data projects by paving the way for the discovery of brand new and actionable insights. Bigstep Data Lake integrates with your existing applications and systems and ensures enterprise-grade security.

  • It has high-throughput
  • It is infinitely scalable
  • The data in transit is fully encrypted
  • It is fully HDFS compatible

Bare Metal Network

The bare metal network is unmatched in performance and flexibility by any other cloud network. It uses cut-through switching that ensures minimum wire-speed latency and complete control over the physical ports in the switch and it is even safer and much more elastic than on-premises deployments.

  • The fastest network of any public cloud
  • Cut-through switching & wire-speed transfers
  • Isolated physical LANs created with one click
  • Isolated layer 2 broadcast domain per account

Using drag & drop actions, it takes minutes to:

Create the physical LANs

Cross-connect Instance Arrays

Define WAN connections

Aggregate ports

Define secure zones

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