Hadoop and Spark as a Service

Bigstep offers managed and self-managed Hadoop and Spark environments as a service.

Large-Scale & Real-Time Data Processing Services

Bigstep provides full support for getting started with cutting-edge architectures leveraging Hadoop, Hive, Spark, Spark Streaming, Streamsets, Kafka, and more. We leverage automation to scale Hadoop and Spark environments and the underlying infrastructure. Our Single Point of Contact support offer simplifies interactions by circumventing the ping-pong between infrastructure and software vendors. We integrate all the major Hadoop distributions and we provide our native Real-Time Spark Service.

What Is Your Hadoop of Choice?

We offer both fully managed and auto-managed Hadoop clusters as a service.


as a Service

By reimplementing HDFS, the MapR Hadoop distribution is optimized for concurrent disk access due to small block size (512bytes vs 64MB).


CDH as a Service

Cloudera provides the best management tools for a Hadoop cluster, with many monitoring and configuration management utilities, making CDH an easy to use DIY Hadoop distribution.


HDP as a Service

Everything in Hortonworks' HDP distribution is open source. If you require more control over your Hadoop environment, you should surely go with Hortonworks HDP.

Bigstep Real-Time Spark Service

Plug-and-Play In-Memory Data Analytics

Bigstep Real-Time Spark Service is a pay-per-use, fully managed, container-based Spark cluster. It is interconnected with Jupyter Notebook to provide enhanced data processing, analytics, and visualization capabilities that can be used by data science teams alongside business intelligence experts and non-technical stakeholders. It is easy to use and highly integrated with Kafka, Jupyter, Bigstep DataLake, Zoomdata and other tools, all offered as a service.

  • Resilient and fault-tolerant
  • Automatically scalable
  • Efficient use of hardware resources
  • Powerful Spark processing engine
  • Interactive data visualizations

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