Microservices on Bare Metal

Running microservices in a low latency environment provides unique performance & scalability benefits. Bigstep provides the fastest Kubernetes networking among all the cloud providers.

Latency is crucial to Microservices performance.

The Bigstep Metal Cloud supports the high demand of Microservices due to the bare metal networking and RAM that provide lower latency than VMs. Performance makes a difference. 


Kubernetes on Metal Cloud

Container networking on the Bigstep Metal Cloud has no virtual switching infrastructure and no overlay network infrastructure making latency much smaller and overall performance better in a microservices scenario.

Virtualized Cloud Container Networking

Performance Differences

The benchmarks we ran showed a 3x network lower latency and a 2x memory latency improvement over AWS:

Provisioning Times & Flexibility

In Bigstep's Metal Cloud, expanding a container in a new bare metal node takes 300 seconds. This achievement is possible by having the OS on a remote block device where new OS volumes are simply cloned, which is an instantaneous operation. 

Kubernetes as a Service vs. DYI on Bare Metal Clouds

Bare metal clouds have also evolved their offering to include Kubernetes as a Service but the self-managed, automated DYI remains a favorite option for full stack teams. There are of course two ways of running a Kubernetes cluster from an Ops perspective:


The managed version saves Ops from dealing with setup, scale, and maintenance of the underlying Kubernetes cluster.


The self-managed version enables further customization and reduces lock-in. There is a myriad of ways to install Kubernetes, either directly or via infrastructure as code.

Other Use Cases

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