Latency Sensitive Workloads on Bare Metal Cloud

Bare Metal Cloud is intuitively the best option for running applications that depend on fast and continuous data processing and storage. The lack in virtualization enables up to 5x the speed in the same budget. Schedule a demo appointment and our cloud experts can show and tell you more about it.

The Right Tools for the Right Job

VOIP infrastructures, IoT backends for transportation, trading platforms, voice & face recognition etc., depend on each millisecond. The virtualization-based cloud has not been a popular choice for this kind of workloads.

However, the Bigstep metal cloud is a valid option for these workloads as it provides the performance stability needed due to single tenancy and unrestricted access to hardware.

Our bare metal cloud provides very low latency rigs with no virtualization, high-end, high-frequency dual-socket CPUs, dual precision GPUs and high throughput PCI-e NVMe SSDs.

Any Metal Cloud node provides up to 5 times lower latency over equivalent virtualized based nodes without any increase in cost.

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Latency vs Stability

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Some latency sensitive workloads are fixed in size, and the data quantity doesn't vary much, but most fluctuate to follow usage patterns.

The cloud offers the promise to reduce overspending through just-in-time provisioning and adapting to the change in daily conditions. Bigstep's Metal Cloud's nodes are on-demand resources and provisioning happens on average in 300 seconds.


Multi-tenancy adds invariable jitter which will inevitably degrade the quality of an audio or video stream. To reduce this variability, single tenancy and very good networking are essential. 

Bigstep uses 4x10Gbps cut-through switching, reducing latency and providing unrivaled performance.

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Other Use Cases

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